Afrika Bambaataa's 'The True School Show'


, announced the creation of "The True School Show," a show to be hosted by Afrika Bambaataa on the site. According to a statement, the show intends to feature a variety of "funky" music that inspired the creation of hip-hop like jazz, rock-n-roll, break beats, go-go music, electro funk, trip hop, jungle-hop and others.

Along with original programming, the show will also feature live concert footage by early hip-hop acts and old school acts like Sly and the Family Stone, the Gap Band, Kool and the Gang, Aretha Franklin and Prince.

The Bronx-born Afrika Bambaataa is generally considered to be the Godfather of Hip-Hop because he was able to reform gang members into The Zulu Nation (, the largest international hip-hop organization "dedicated to music and, above all, peace." In the 80’s Bambaataa, along with the Soul Sonic Force, recorded the classic "Planet Rock" as well as hundreds of other songs. He has worked with artists like James Brown, George Clinton, Sly & Robbie, UB40 and Boy George.

"The True School Show," will play debut on Saturday, May 4, 2002 at 11:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and will air every Saturday night thereafter.