Afroman Gets High On God

Joseph "Afroman" Foreman, who found

worldwide success with his humorous song "Because I Got High," has

given his life to God.

The new found faith has him at odds with Universal

Records, whom he says cares more about money than art.

"They have no faith in it," Foreman

told the Hattiesburg American. "They want to keep me in the marijuana jar.

They want me to be Redd Fox. ... Universal is a bunch of people that are looking

at charts and bank accounts and they don't know music. They've got history with

the old Afroman and they don't want to roll the dice."

Foreman's album "The Good Times," was

a gold selling album in the United States and went platinum overseas.

"Life is not promised. God created me. He

gave me a voice and a talent to spread his word. Instead of telling people that,

I was telling them to get high," he said with a laugh.

Foreman said that he may change his name and

use a symbol instead, as did Prince for a period of his career. Foreman was

not concerned if Universal dropped him.

His goal, he says, is to reach young Christians

who love rap. If need be, Foreman said he would start his own record label to

release his music.

"Seriously, I'm a new person. In Christianity,

we have to glorify God. Afroman was glorifying myself."