Afroman Orders Cease-And-Desist Order Against Imposter

West coast rapper

Afroman and his label have ordered a cease-and-desist against the San Jose, CA

booking agency RS Entertainment and an individual named Dol Ré for performing

and promoting himself as Afroman.

Dol Ré has been impersonating Afroman, whose real

name is Joseph Foreman, and identifying himself as the creator and performer

of the rapper's humorous hit single "Because I Got High."

Afroman's law firm has given Dol Ré until March

5 to stop using the Hungry Hustler recording artist's name and performing as


"Dol Ré is a talented impersonator. He's good

at what he does. I wish him success," Afroman said in a statement. "If

he ever gets to the point where he can't make money impersonating me as Afroman,

maybe he can make money as 'Dol Ré, the guy who impersonated and

ripped off Afroman.'"

Afroman amusingly added that he would have tried to stop Dol

Ré's fraudulent behavior earlier but didn't "because he got


The actual Afroman's

recent releases include 4ro: 20 and his Christmas album Jobe Bells.