After Sit Down With Hot 97, Lil Xan Says He's Done Doing Interviews

Ebro: Hip Hop ain't 'Romper Room'.

(AllHipHop News) Ebro has built a reputation for challenging new artists during interviews. The Hot 97 morning show host repeated his pressing questioning style while speaking with Lil Xan.

The conversation included Ebro expressing his confusion on the California rapper's name. He also admitted that he doesn't listen to the Stat Quo protégé's music.

Yesterday, Lil Xan took to Twitter to announce he has a new policy when it comes to speaking with the media. The "Betrayed" performer posted, "No more interviews... I love my fans to death but I can’t let these companies keep taking advantage of me and using me to further there [sic] sh-t, it’s f-cked."

It's not clear if the artist also known as Diego was directly responding to his sit down with Hot 97. However, the message did come on the same day the Ebro In The Morning crew recapped the discussion with Xan.

"In an art form that's very competitive, if we want the best, I believe [in] being heavy-handed. This ain't Romper Room to me," stated Ebro. "We're at that point again where we gotta have the convo between minor and major leagues. Just because you got a lot of IG followers and one hit song doesn't mean you're prime time."

The former station program director added, "The only thing I cared about Lil Xan is he's named after prescription drugs and he's not doing them anymore, and I wanted to hear how he even went down that path."