After The Game, It's The After Party!

"Feels Good" Tony,

Toni, Tone… "Poison"

BBD… "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"… "In The Light" Common/Eryka

Badu…NV Nightclub-Lounge’s official Celebrity Weekend, "Put You To

Bed," Grand Finale hosted by J. Holiday had a little something for

everyone that simply wanted to enjoy the night and get away from the chaos of

the world, even "if only for one night", Big Luther.

When I hear the two words - "celebrity

weekend" - images flash through my mind of drunken college- age

youth, people who simply want to live outside of their financial means for a

weekend, cell phones stuffed in bras and bourgeoisie club owners. But as I

approach NV and glance down the line, I see that tonight is going to be a night

for the grown and sexy, designer labels, ghetto fabulous, eclectic crowd.

Immediately I feel at ease because the vibe tells me these people are here

simply to have a good time.

When I approach the doormen, they greet me pleasantly and I notice about 50

individuals representing every gambit of the rainbow lined up in front of them,

trying to catch the 9:30 p.m. early bird special admission. If these 50-plus

people didn’t enter soon the party was going to start right at the door.

Several had already started to get their dance on. A positive vibe was in the

atmosphere and the female to male ratio was in alignment for a blessed night.

When I ask a few of these young women how often they frequent NV, each one was

a return customer. On my way there, I stopped for directions and the gas

station attendant responded that she was a regular of NV.

The minute I stepped through the front doors of NV I knew it was among the

premiere nightclubs-lounges in the area. Transfixed 42-inch plasma flat screens

and LED lights hovering over the dance floor and over the bars in the main and

additional rooms in the back, a DJ in each room providing the musical

stimulation the people craved for, upper and lower level VIP sections, pool

tables aligning the walls with neon lights, a "chill-out" lounge

section in the back for those that simply wanted to enjoy the company of others

on the plush red velvet coaches. Instantly, I found myself on the dance floor,

dancing to the sound of Sean Kingston. The 200,000-plus watts of sound

intensifying the moment and providing a conducive atmosphere for a good time.

Next, I moved to an additional room in the back where the DJ was playing

new and old Hip-Hop favorites that every party-goer knows the words to.

Behind me I found a fully stocked premium bar, where I engaged in a

conversation with three young ladies which ranged from Obama to Harry Potter.

Not only were the women beautiful on this night, but they could provide

intellectual conversation.

NV Nightclub-Lounge is not like your typical one-night stand, pretty at night

in the fancy lights simply for the CIAA weekend. This night and location

represented a span of broad music and cultural diversity. Forget what you may

have heard about the South don’t know how to party. NV offers something for

everyone and is on pace to redefine nightlife in this region. I never did see

J. Holiday. However, that didn’t hinder the DJ’s seamless blends of the high

energy anthem and downtempo musical favorites.