AHH Concert Review: Juicy J ‘Never Sober’ Tour

Last night, Juicy J’s ‘Never Sober’ tour, was welcomed to New York City’s, Irving Plaza. New-Harlem native, Vinny Cha$e, was an “impromptu” replacement for Travis Scott. Challenged with igniting the gathering crowd’s interest, Cha$e, performed sans his signature Chanel ski-mask. From indifferent side-eyeing to a lackadaisical response from Vinny’s insistence to, ‘Ball, Ball,” the hometown eyes politely tolerated the emerging rapper.

Once Project Pat took the stage, his blood red t-shirt displaying ‘Risk It All’ in mortician-black lettering demanded attention. ‘Do New York Women twerk they a**,’ and ‘Is this the city where dreams are made of,’ were questions that elicited an immediate response. “If You Ain’t From My Hood,” commenced the set. With a track like, “Weed Smoke,” the THC-thickened atmosphere grew in intensity. Recent discography additions like, “Never Be A G,” produced by Mike Will Made It solidifies Pat’s current credibility. Both “Gas,” and “Anti-Social” performed with NastyMane and Young Dolph demonstrated his enduring skill.

Fans favorites like “Twerk That A**” absolutely encouraged the ‘ratchets. What kind of debauchery would it be, if the show continued, without any cultured young ladies displaying inebriated dancing skills? Do not fret; it definitely went down! Two lovely females, one dressed in virgin-white, the other in a conservative church-skirt delighted the crowd with their twerktastic skill-set. Project Pat’s “Chickenhead,” the ‘Ratchet national anthem, ushered the crowd to a heightened level.

Finally, when Juicy J, took the stage the sold-out crowd was ready! A simple, “Turn Up, New York,” elicited a thunderous response. Climbing atop speakers, the 20 year veteran demanded, “Don’t pass me no regular I’m’a turn it down,” from the street classic “All I Blow Is Loud.” Matter-of-fact statements detailing having sex all day, and requiring three hands to count all his money, Juicy J performed the Billboard number one hit, “Dark Horse.” No, Katy Perry, was not in attendance, but Juicy did dedicate the performance to the ladies. “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” and “Scholarship” demonstrated his ingrained appreciation from women.

Concert Recap:


“I worked hard for this sh*t; I’m the G.O.A.T.,” was Juicy J’s self-professed segue to recalling his litany of professional accomplishments. Later the Academy-Award winning producer, time-travelled back to his humble beginnings, performing the classic Three 6 Mafia hit and personal favorite, “Sippin’ On Some Syrup,” and the resounding ‘hood favorite “Slob On My Knob.”

“We Still In This B*tch,” “Show Out,” and “23”were among the host of tracks that were performed. With a 20 year investment into his craft, Juicy is honored and humbled that his legacy continues. The grateful rapper/ producer donated two signed pairs of Jordan brand sneakers, and the pair of Red Octobers designed by Kanye West (Yes, he actually removed these from his feet and gave them away)! Sadly, no scholarships were given away, but several supporters were invited on stage to capture priceless memories, in the form of selfies.

If sobriety is frowned-up then definitely bask in the Never Sober tour!