AHH Gadgets: What The Staff Is Using

AllHipHop Staff

We at AllHipHop.com pride ourselves on being the innovators of news alerts for the nation's mobile devices. While we all love to keep an eye on the newest technologies, a quick survey of the AHH staff found that we might not be the most advanced with our personal mobile gadgets. Dynasty Williams tried to tell us he uses a Skytel pager, but we're not about to believe that!

At the end of the day, it's all about what is most reliable and affordable. We thought we'd share what we use with you, for better or worse. Are there any new gadgets you're trying out or looking forward to? Tell us about them!

Kathy Iandoli: Sidekick III

I was in love with the Sidekick II, but the Sidekick III and I are just casually dating really. I like the slim design (I hear the LX is even slimmer) and this one came with a downloadable voice recorder, so that helps on the go. The overexposed camera absolutely sucks, and MySpace mobile was just added. How am I supposed to load photos to my site from my Sidekick when every photo comes out like the exorcist? Somebody upgrade me!

Aqua Boogie: Sidekick II and the trusty Moleskine Pocket Journal

My fresh but broke writer status has kept me stuck with my Sidekick II for a long minute. But, my truly trusty weapon of choice is my Moleskine Pocket Journal. I can jot down notes with a pen quickfast and feel like I’m on my Hemingway type grind in an increasingly non-analog world.

Odeisel: Palm Treo 700wx

I'm one of those guys that thinks a phone should just call. I don't need an organizer, I'm used to keeping those things in my head. But the more I started writing and covering events, the less I wanted to carry around writing utensils and paper. Enter the Palm Treo 700wx. Now i can pretty much outline coverage of events while i'm there, Whether it be a concert, a listening session or a news event. Being able to take flicks and record in mp3 format is also a big bonus. The Windows platform allows for seamless transition from the phone to the laptop, and look ma, no wires - as you can beam thru infrared. It ain't cutting edge, but it gets the job done.

Dove: Sidekick III and Razr V3

I've been using the Sidekick III since last year, and although I love it (read: I'm addicted to it), I am drooling over the new LX version. My SK III does everything I need it to with regard to emails, IM's and text messaging, but on the down side, the camera is just crap. I hear the LX has a better camera and an improved LCD screen, so it looks like Santa has some serious shopping to do. I have also maintained my AT&T account for several years (206 represent!), but I have been a miser with it, holding on to one of the original Razr phones with no bells or whistles. Based upon comments from friends and the fact that I'm long overdue for an upgrade, I'm about to embark upon the purchase of the new Blackberry Curve 8310. I'll have to get back on that review!

Jamile Karout: Blackberry Curve 8310 Titanium

I was eyeballing my Blackberry Curve long before the makers decided that Curve would be the name. I waited out all the hype of the Blackberry 8800, and it was worth every moment of it! It does everything I need. Aside from pushing my emails to me within seconds, it really helps me out by allowing me to store and play my mp4 projects, my music - and it's the first Blackberry to take really great pictures! One of my favorite features is the hot spot at home capability, which allows me to make unlimited calls via wi-fi from home and any T-mobile hot spot location. The internet connection is the best I've seen from any mobile device, and a wi-fi connection gives you hi speed access. It's completely addictive and I couldn't imagine having to function without it... I have to say its earning its "Crackberry" reputation.

Steve Raze: Sidekick III

I use my Sidekick III as a business tool. Contacts, Internet, IM, texting, it's hard to work effectively without it. A huge bonus was adding the media card so you can load mp3's on it. Now this (almost) replaces my iPod.

Martin A. Berrios: Blackberry 7130c

As my first true venture into PDA's, the Blackberry 7130c holds me down. All my email accounts are synched up, and I can't complain about its phone prowess. Since this model originally debuted last year, some common features that would keep it competitive amongst its counterparts are sorely missing. Typing takes a minute to get used to as its not a regular QWERTY set up. No popping off with videos and no camera either, but personally I'm not pressed. Overall, I must say the 7130c is suitable for those are ready to take the Blackberry plunge (Pause).