AHH MIXTAPE REVIEW: Action Bronson "Blue Chips 2"

AllHipHop Staff

Creating a renaissance of lyrical talent out of Queens, Action Bronson has blessed us with his presence. With previous work with beat smith Statik Selektah (Well Done) and legend Alchemist (Rare Chandeliers) he has garnered respect for emphasis on lyrics with beats to back it up. That being said, the sequel to the excellent Blue Chips (produced by Party Supplies) has touched down pairing the two together for round 2.

I have to stress the creativity all around that Action and team has. He has song #1 “Action Silverado”, before he does the official “Intro”. Switching it up right from the beginning. Very cool. Also happens to be one of my favorite tracks. “Why the f*ck would I have a bodyguard, when I look like the mutha f*ckin bodyguard”. Then over to “Practice” with the legendary quotable from AI. Party Supplies got the horns perfect over that bass line. Bronsalino goes right in no time to waste “Got locked up in the afternoon, I’ll make it out by Night Court”. Songs like “Contemporary Man” where he raps over untouched 80s hits, and “It’s Me” where the song sounds like its out of a Disney Movie….are genius. Totally out there….and cool as hell. Flow over anything, at any time man! 9.24.13 is AB free styling similar to what he did on the original Blue Chips with 9.24.11. Basically just goes off the wall lyrically, and its great. “Shooting guns with my daughter on the weekend, smoke the butter same color as the weekend, Stash under the sole of the sneaker”.

I can quote raps and beats from any of these songs. It’s hard to hand pick a few. And this is a MIXTAPE!!! Authentic, original hip-hop must be represented. Much thought all around has been brought into this mix tape. Razor sharp lyricals leave us with quotables and “WHAT? That’s CRAZY!” for days. A must have addition to your hip-hop library.

Action Bronson [#BGA]- Blue Chips 2


Lyricism – 9/10

Production – 9/10

Album Cohesiveness – 8/10

Replay value – 9/10

Overall – 9/10

Personal Favorite Tracks: "Action Silverado", "Practice", "9.24.13" w. Big Body Bes