AHH Review: No Malice "Hear Ye Him"

AHH Reviews No Malice's debut album

Clipse…Legendary…out of VA. One of the best groups from a lyrical standpoint to ever do it. And I quote from the debut ”We smirked at the Simpson trial, yea the chase was wild but what the f*cking fuss about.”

The Thornton brothers over Neptunes' beats were unstoppable. Since then, the duo has gone solo, Pusha with Kanye, and No Malice with his Re-Up crew.

No Malice has been making headlines since his music began to reflect his religious views. How will the public and the music industry respond? By the looks of Hear Ye Him's production credits -- Chad Hugo (Neptunes), S1, Illmind, and Profound Sounds -- every is still eager to collaborate. The album's production is A+ all around.

There's "Blasphemy" which can be summed up in one word: FIRE. Scratching over the drums and simple beats lets Malice flow effortlessly like waves: “Show me ten kingpins, I’ll show you ten snitches”. And yes, it continues with "Unforgettable" over quick cut synths, “It’s identity fraud the way I hear my all in your bars”.

Hear Ye Him isn't to far removed for the old Malice, comprised of introspective flows on the drug game, and its repercussions on one’s self and family. There are no filler hooks here. Rhymes are intelligent and concise, and they cut like a knife. The same high caliber raps The Clipse were known for are on this album. On "Shame The Devil", No Malice spits “I too was a derelict, but the truth raised me from the dead when I became aware of it”.

Hear Ye Him has quotables for days.

Only downside here, too many interludes! I want more bars. No Malice did not disappoint here. An excellent solo effort and I hope it is not the last.


AHH Ratings

Lyricism –9/10

Production –9/10

Album Cohesiveness –9/10

Replay value –8/10

Overall –9/10

Personal Favorite Tracks: Blasphemy, Unforgettable, Shame the Devil ft/ Pusha T


1. Illusions (Interlude)
2. Smoke & Mirrors f. Ab-Liva
3. Blasphemy f. Fam-Lay
4. Ain't Beggin' (Interlude)
5. Hear Ye Him
6. Unforgettable f. Life Dutchee
7. Cheap Dolla (Interlude)
8. Bow Down No Mo'
9. Refiner's Fire (Interlude)
10. Shame The Devil f. Pusha T
11. Bury That f. Jon Bibbs
12. June f. Eric David
13. Separate (Interlude)
14. Still Got Love f. Ishod
15. Different f. PK Oneday & Bri
16. Goin' There (Interlude)
17. No Time f. Jaeson Ma