AHH Stray News: $1 Million Secured In Proposed Battle With 50, ‘Kiss, DL Incognito, Lil’ Kim

New York prosecutors cross-examined Lil’ Kim and the rapper steadfastly maintained that she didn’t intentionally try to mislead a grand jury about a 2001 shootout. "This was a very serious situation. I could not come into a grand jury and purposely tell false statements and lie,” Kim said from the stand. Prosecutor Cathy Seibel took the rap diva to task about her financial records in an attempt to highlight inconsistencies with her money. Kim testified that she left many decisions to her manager and business advisors and wasn’t fully aware about the matter. According to reports, the gunfight exploded when Kim's crew and Capone-N-Noreaga’s clique crossed each other outside of Hot 97.

Jadakiss recently challenged rival 50 Cent to a pay-per-view rap battle for $1 million in an interview with Tha Ave Entertainment, a Washington D.C.-based company. The Yonkers native said, “The judges can be Jay-Z , [Dr.] Dre...whoever he wants can be the judges. A million dollars cash on pay-per-view in Vegas. Anywhere . We can do it in Nigeria if he wants to.” In the diatribe, ‘Kiss said that his crew was prepping a “F**k 50 Volume I” mixtape and D-Block member Styles P was next to diss the G-Unit leader. To read the full interview with Jadakiss, click here.

Meanwhile, the Monday Night Fight Klub, a Manhattan-based rap battle series, has already secured $1 million for a proposed battle royalé with 50 Cent, The Game, Fat Joe and Jadakiss. The money was secured through sponsorships and the running name for the contest is “Battle of Four.” Fight Klub organizers have yet to lock-in any of the proposed lyricists at press time. Fight Klub organizers stated, “Each of the stars alleges to be the ‘best’ as it relates to lyrical talent and states to be more ‘rich’ and successful than the next. Monday Night Fight Klub would like to end the nonsense by providing the four with a forum to battle it out before a crowd with nothing more than their raw talent.” At a Fight Klub in Puerto Rico, Jin won $50,000 and a car over rival MC Shells.

DL Incognito, a rapper featured in AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground, has been nominated for a Juno Award, the Canadian equivalent to the American Grammys. The Toronto-based rapper’s Life’s a Collection of Experiences stands to win for Rap Recording of the Year and competes with the likes of k-os and Kardinal Offishall. DL told AllHipHop.com, “It’s a blessing because it’ll help get more exposure. There’s probably a lot of people who still don’t know what we do. Being part of something that big has a lot of media people checking for our product. It came to us as a surprise. It’s good to get recognition for the hard work we put in.” The Juno Awards are televised in Canada on April 3.