AHH Stray News: Al Sharpton, will.i.am, Ice-T, Jay-Z/DDP

The Reverend Al Sharpton continues his mission of holding entertainment companies responsible for the effects their products have on consumers, this time by targeting New York's state pension fund. According to CNN, Sharpton's National Action Network is forming a plan to target the pension fund, which currently has over $3 billion dollars in investments in the entertainment industry. State Sen. Antoine Thompson released the information, after receiving a report from the New York state comptroller earlier this year. "The idea of divesting New York State taxpayers' money from record companies that have a double standard when it comes to language is something that will be a priority," Rev. Sharpton said during an opening for the 36th branch of his National Action Network earlier this week.

Will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas has announced the release date for his first solo album Songs About Girls. The Grammy Award winning rapper/producer's debut effort will hit stores on September 25. While will.i.am is one of the most sought after producers in the music business having worked with a who's-who of artists ranging from Nas and the Game to Sergio Mendes and Carlos Santana, Songs About Girls features just one cameo appearance, from Snoop Dogg. "I didn't want to come out and say, 'Hey, I'm a producer and here are all my friends,'" will.i.am said. "I wanted to be my own man and do my own thing and really try out some ideas that have been bubbling in my head."

Rapper Ice-T will head to various cities in Brazil next month for a series of performances. The legendary actor/rapper will perform in Sao Paulo on August 9 and in Rio de Janeiro on August 10. The rapper will perform his various hits, while artists Mano Brown, MV Bill, Black Alien and others will also perform during the concert dates. Ice-T will then head to Curitiba on August 11 and Porto Alegre on August 12.

Jay-Z and wrestler Diamond Dallas Page have reportedly come to a settlement agreement regarding a trademark infringement lawsuit, over the diamond hand gesture both stars respectively used in commercial materials. Jay-Z must pay an undisclosed monetary fee to Diamond Dallas Page, while Page has agreed to drop all legal proceedings. All parties will be responsible for paying their own legal fees. The lawsuit arose over Page's registered "Diamond Cutter" hand symbol, which closely resembles the hand symbol Jay-Z flashed for his record label. Roc-A-Fella Records.