AHH Stray News: Big L, Jim Jonsin, Ice Cube Tracklisting

A new collections of songs by rapper Big L is due in stores today (August 31st). The rapper, who was killed when an unknown gunman shot him to death in February of 1999, is regarded as one of the best rapper's to ever touch a microphone. Now, a new 12-song collection titled 139th & Lenox, a tribute to the rapper's old stomping grounds. The unreleased tracks feature Big L during his height, with producers like Buckwild, Hi-Tek and the late Roc Raida lending tracks to the collection. 139th & Lenox is in stores now. Grammy Award winning producer Jim Jonsin recently commented on the success of his debut artist, B.o.B., who has been nominated for five MTV VMA Awards from his hit debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Jonsin executive produced the album for his own label, Rebel Rock Entertainment. “It’s great to see a true talent like B.o.B succeed, and it’s equally as fulfilling to see a great person win,” Jonsin said of B.o.B's success, which includes a pair of #1 singles. “I’m really proud of my label, Rebel Rock Entertainment, for continuing to put out great music that the fans are loving.” Jonsin is currently in the studio making tracks for T.I., Pitbull, R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Yelawolf. Ice Cube revealed Details surrounding the release of his highly anticipated ninth studio album, I Am the West. Ice Cube unveiled the record yesterday (August 31st) in New York, to an elite group of executives and journalists. The rapper played tracks from the 16-song album, which features guest appearances from WC, Jayo Felony, Young Maylay, Doughboy and OMG.The tracklisting for I Am the West is listed below: 1. A Boy Was Conceived2. Soul On Ice3. Life In California (feat. Jayo Felony & WC)4. She Couldn't Make It On Her Own (feat. OMG & Doughboy)5. Urbanian6. Y’all Know How I Am (feat. OMG, WC, Doughboy & Maylay)7. Too West Coast (feat. WC & Maylay)8. I Rep That West 9. Drink The Kool-Aid 10. No Country For Young Men11. It Is What It Is12. Hood Robbin13. Your Money Or Your Life14. Nothin’ Like L.A.15. All Day, Everyday16. Fat Cat