AHH Stray News: Bloomberg Says No 50 Cent, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, BP3 Tracklist

AllHipHop Staff

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently addressed public concerns regarding a 50 Cent concert during “Family Day” on August 30th in the rapper’s former Southside, Jamaica Queens, neighborhood. The New York Post reported that residents are in fear due to threats of violence against the rapper. According to Mayor Bloomberg, 50 Cent will not be performing. “Our understanding after talking with 50 cent is he has no plans to perform once-so-ever,” the Mayor said, flanked by New York Governor David Paterson. “He might go [50 Cent] but he’s not going to perform. And you can rest assured that our police department will maintain decorum or keep people safe. And if we don’t think we will make sure it doesn’t take place. We’re not going to put peoples live in jeopardy. If people want to get together and have a rap concert, there’s nothing wrong with that. They have to understand there’s a standard of conduct that we expect.” The Mayor then joked that he did not plan on attending the concert.

Pitbull will receive the key to the city of Miami during a ceremony today (August 19). Pitbull, 28, is being honored at the Miami City Hall. The rapper will receive the key to the city from commissioner Tomas Regalado. Pitbull is currently planning to release his fourth album, titled Rebelution. The album features the rapper’s hit single “Calle Ocho” and the latest, “Hotel Room Service.” Pitbull’s album Rebelution is due in stores August 31.

Lil Wayne was questioned by police last week after a concert in Arizona. According to TMZ.com, a 15-year-old boy has filed a police report, claiming one of the rapper’s bodyguards assaulted him during a confrontation in an apartment complex in Arizona. Police claim that Lil Wayne’s tour bus stopped in an apartment complex in Phoenix, after a concert at the Cricket Pavilion. Local’s in the apartment became aggressive and began pelting the buses with bottles and rocks, when they noticed women getting on and off the buses. At least one shot was fired during the melee, which left the young boy with bruised ribs. Lil Wayne’s representatives have not commented as of press time.

The track listing for Jay-Z’s highly anticipated album Blue Print 3 track listing recently hit the Internet. The album boasts an all-star lineup that includes Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and newcomers Drake, J. Cole and Mr. Hudson. The track listing to Jay-Z’s Blue Print 3 is listed below. The album is due in stores September 11.

1. What We Talking About (featuring Luke Steele of Empire Of The Sun) 2. Thank You 3. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) 4. Run This Town (featuring Rihanna and Kanye West) 5. Empire State Of Mind (featuring Alicia Keys) 6. Real As It Gets (featuring Young Jeezy) 7. On To The Next One featuring (Swizz Beatz) 8. Off That (featuring Drake) 9. A Star Is Born (featuring J. Cole) 10. Venus Vs. Mars 11. Already Home (featuring Kid Cudi) 12. Hate (featuring Kanye West) 13. Reminder 14. So Ambitious (featuring Pharrell) 15. Young Forever (featuring Mr. Hudson)video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player