AHH Stray News: Canibus, Stimuli, Vi, Joe Budden

In an interview with radio personality, Angie Martinez, Wyclef recently announced that he and former protégée Canibus had mended their past beef. He told Martinez, “I reached out to him. There was some unfinished business in the street. The good thing about it is all beef is squashed between Clef and Canibus. Me and Canibus got some unfinished business to deal with. He’s going to be helping us with right now Clef Records. The good thing about it is not only is he coming as an artist, Canibus is a genius at what he does when it comes to business.” Canibus has recently worked closely with DJ Kay Slay and severed ties with Babygrande Records.

New Jersey-based lyricist Joe Budden is reportedly finalizing a deal with Roc-A-Fella Records, where the rapper will depart from Def Jam, who released his debut album. Budden revealed that a deal was in progress, but not officially finished. One insider said, “He was made an offer he couldn’t refused.”

In other signings, a pair of acts once featured in AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground has gone to join the ranks of the majors.

Brooklyn’s Stimuli has opted to sign with Virgin Records. Stimuli explained why he and Underworld Music decided to go with Virgin. “Metaphorically, Virgin is relatively untouched [in an urban capacity] and for those that have been following the last two years, you have witnessed Stimuli’s short story and watched it go to a novel with a new chapter,” he told AllHipHop.com. “My plan is to continue working my album, Thee Emotion Picture LP and to build the brand of Underworld Music so that the fans and artists want to be affiliated with our situation.” Stim stated that Underworld also had a new mixtape/DVD slated to hit the streets called “Switch Sides.”

Also, Chicago rapper and AHH Breeding Ground Alum Vi has Vi has

partnered his Union Label with Universal records. After working the underground

heavily, the Union Label is already prepared to release Vi's album Hustler

Music. “My single “Yayo” should be on the radio by January.

It’s gonna give people a really nice, softer, more relaxed side of this

game. It’s a feel good record,” he said. Vi assured his project would

likely have Atlanta’s Killer Mike and David Banner on it. Vi has also appeared

in magazines like XXL, The Ave, and King. He also acted with Sandra Bullock, Lorenz

Tate and Ludacris in upcoming film called “Crash.”

Model/rapper Gloria Velez and Murda Mami Entertainment have parted ways with Velez leaving the group of female artists, DJs and business people. Co-CEO 1st Lady El said the crew would move on with out Velez. “We will continue to keep the Murda Mami movement going, I am proud of my Murda Mamis for all their hard work and dedication to their careers and to each other,” El told AllHipHop.com. El refused to confirm rumors of physical altercations between the members of the group. Murda Mamis’ ranks include Shawnna, Rah Digga and Remy Martin, among a host of others.