AHH Stray News: Common Lends Voice To 'Terminator' Videogame

AllHipHop Staff

Hip-Hop star Common will lend his voice to the upcoming Terminator Salvation videogame set to be released this May. Common will reprise his role as “Barnes,” the humorous ex-football player who manages to remain upbeat, while battling a legion of Terminators. Also featured in the videogame is actress Rose McGowan “Angie Salter” in a voice role that is exclusive to Terminator Salvation. Also featured in the game is actress Moon Bloodgood as “Blair Williams.” The Terminator Salvation videogame allows players to assume the role of John Conner, who is battling the superior forces of Skynet and the Terminator machines, as well as new enemies designed specifically for the game. Terminator Salvation will be released in conjunction with the Warner Bros./ Sony Pictures film, which opens May 21.