AHH Stray News: Daymond John/Fubu, Rappers Help Darfur, Skull, Three 6 Mafia

Daymond John, founder

and CEO of pioneering urban clothing line FUBU is releasing a new book titled

Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle.

The book details John's personal rise to the top of the fashion world behind the

FUBU brand and what it takes to make it in the corporate world. O.J. Simpson,

who is currently grabbing headlines as excerpts from his fictional confession

If I Did It hit the press, is also chronicled in John's book. In an excerpt

published in the New York Post, John recounts a bizarre incident in which

Simpson crashed a video shoot. "Karrine Steffans was on the set dancing up

a storm, and Ludacris had a chain with handcuffs on them, and O.J. started really

getting into it, rubbing up against Karrine, putting the handcuff necklace on,

really mugging it up for our cameras. He started talking about how he knew handcuffs

really well. Wow! O.J. in our video with Karrine shaking her booty on him! What

a sight!" Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding

and Lifestyle hits stores March . A

group of rappers are joining together to launch the 20-city Save Darfur Tour to

raise money and awareness to help the victims of an ongoing humanitarian crisis

in the Sudan. The Save Darfur Tour launches on Jan. 21 in Chicago and ends in

Feb. in Las Vegas. The tour will feature rappers C Rayz Walz, Abadawn, Blitz,

Braille, Carnage, CasOne, Copywrite, Freestyle, Grayskul, Hasan Salaam, Improv

Logic, JC and DLake, Ohmega Watts, PegLeg, Ricky Pharoe, Sleep and Rocket One,

Vakill, Visionaries and Alexipharmic, the founder of the tour. "The tour

will educate an incredibly receptive audience about the devastating state of Darfur

through perhaps the most universally understood and empowering language of music,"

Alexipharmic said. All of the proceeds of the tour will be donated directly to

The Save Darfur Coalition.

For more information and tour dates visit: http://www.savedarfurtour.com/In

an effort to penetrate the United States market and attract new fans, Korean Reggae

artist Skull, is set to release the first animated reggae ringtone titled "Boom,

Di, Boom DI" Under the direction of Mariah Carey's brother Morgan Carey,

YG Entertainment will launch Skull’s animated ringtone, which will be available

for purchase January 17, 2007 on a variety of mobile phone carriers. The new animated

ringtone will support the artist's first release entitled, "Boom DI, Boom

DI" which was written and produced by Skull and Mystic. In related news,

Skull has recently been approached to perform at the World Peace One concert,

a charitable event on August 11, 2007, which will be broadcast from 12 countries

to a projected 2.7 billion people worldwide. Rap

group Three 6 Mafia will debut their comedic reality series Adventures in HollyHood

March 14 on MTV. The series features the rap group leaving their hometown of Memphis

TN for Hollywood, CA, where they finish their new album Last 2 Walk and

pursue various opportunities. The show also stars Big Treice, the group's personal

assistant, Computer, the groups internet consultant and rapper Project Pat. Adventures

in Hollyhood is executive produced by Three 6 Mafia, Ashton Kutcher, Rod Aissa

and others.