AHH Stray News: DMX, RZA, Jay-Z, Dame Dash

DMX and RZA appeared in court last week in separate paternity cases. DMX had requested

a paternity test to determine if he is the father of a three-year-old in Buffalo,

New York. The test returned 99.99% chance that X is the father of the child. The

rapper’s lawyer requested another test, while the child’s mother’s

lawyer asked the judge to issue an arrest warrant because DMX failed to appear

in court. Both motions were dismissed, but DMX must attend another paternity hearing

next month or face arrest. DMX has another paternity case pending in Maryland.

DMX’s wife recently gave birth. X was arrested on his way to the hospital

the day his wife went into labor. The rapper was charged with various driving

offenses including driving with a suspended license, after he struck a vehicle

from behind, which in turn struck a police car.

RZA was present for his paternity hearing and according to reports, did not need

a DNA test to acknowledge his 4-year-old daughter. RZA previously denied being

the father of the 4-year-old, but RZA admitted siring the child after seeing noting

his resemblance to the girl. According to RZA’s lawyer, RZA is accused of

fathering at least six children by various women.

Jay-Z is taking his presidential duties at Def Jam seriously.

The rapper-turned-mogul has founded The Carter Administration and it’s

not representative of former United States president Jimmy Carter. “The

Carter Administration represents everyone that works A&R for Roc-A-Fella,”

said a representative for Jay-Z. “It's a collective because everyone is

part of the project.” The A&R (Artist and Repertoire) is the division

of a record label that scouts and cultivates talent, among other duties.

The New York post

reported today (May 9) that Damon Dash is close to ending his Dame Dash Music

Group label’s association with Universal. The Post stated that Dash angered

Universal executives by asking for more marketing and promotion money. Dash

allegedly took just two projects with him, Nicole Wray and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

In the previous weeks, former DDMG artists M.O.P. and Cam’ron revealed

that they were off Dame’s label and in new deals. Dash will also be phasing

out his managerial duties at Rocawear, which he owns with Jay-Z. Def Jam dismissed

the reports last week.