AHH Stray News: Fat Joe, Andre 3000, Black August

Today, a scheduled appearance by Fat Joe’s Terror Squad was suddenly cancelled by the South Street Seaport in New York City. The venue gave no reason for the cancellation, which was supposed to take place on TS’s Tuesday release date (July 27). Even though no reason was sited, Fat Joe said that it based on unfounded fear of violence on the part of the city. He charged that organizers had enormous levels of insurance to comfort the South Street Seaport. Nevertheless, those in Philly can check out the “Exclusive Lean Back Party” at club Transit on Thursday, July 29 with appearances from Fat Joe and Terror Squad.

Viktor Vaughn, alter personality of super-villain MF Doom is set to drop a new CD entitled Venomous Villain set for release August 3 from Insomniac Music. It features cutting edge production from a number of notable beat makers and appearances from various artists including Kool Keith. Producer Iz-Real describes the album "progressively thugged-out, new era rap."

Reebok International announced a drop in second-quarter earnings by 15%, despite being linked to rappers like 50 Cent Jay-Z and others. Hip-Hop related apparel saw and incredible sales leap, as high as a reported 350 percent according to published reports. Reebok will hope to add the Hip-Hop related income by launching a line of footwear with Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes.

Organizers recently announced the 7th annual Black August Celebration with Talib Kweli and Common headlining. The event will take place at B.B. Kings Bar and Grill in New York for the benefit concert™. The event is described as a “celebration of Hip Hop,” which aids political prisoners. Black August 04 will also feature the talents of Jean Grae, Flo Brown, Saigon and others. M1 of dead prez will host the event. Organizers promise that there will be other special appearances. Previous Black August alumni include Erykah Badu, Fat Joe, Mos Def, The Roots, Goapele, Keith Murray, dead prez and many others.

Andre 3000 of OutKast is using his knack for shocking people to good use in a new ad campaign to encourage voting. Famed photographer Dave LaChapelle shot the ATLien with a tie shoved in his mouth symbolizing silence. His ad is a part of the “Only You Can Silence Yourself” voting movement and it also features others like Christina Aguillera, who is featured with her mouth “stitched” shut.