AHH Stray News: Game, Fat Joe, Beasties, Jackie-O


only one day on the shelves, the Game reportedly sold roughly 400,000 copies

of his debut album The Documentary, released Tuesday (Jan. 18). While

official figures won't be available until Nielsen Soundscan numbers are released

next week, The Documentary is expected to exceed 600,000. And Game

remains optimistic. "Hopefully, we'll live up to that expectation - 400,000

in one day. I think that's big," the Game told AllHipHop.com. "I don't

think no one has sold 400,000 in one day. It's got to be amazing, so hopefully

I'm the first one. Ultimately as long as I do the units I'm supposed to do with

me Aftermath, G Unit, 50, Dre, I'm good." Under the tutelage of fellow

Compton native and Aftermath mentor Dr. Dre, the Game's name has remained on

the tips of tongues and Game expects it to stay that way. "I didn't start

off trying to beat [anybody 's] records in the first week," Game continued.

"I just wanted to put out good music, please my fans, longevity."

Fat Joe has not only decided

to push his much-anticipated album Things of That Nature back to April

26 but is also renaming the record to All or Nothing. The Bronx rapper

retreated the album release date once already to March 22. But Joe explained

his rationale behind the decision, stating that his career and the rap industry

as a whole has undergone some major changes. A few business moves also prompted

the second release date shift. Joe recorded six more tracks produced by Cool

& Dre to add to the project. And his duet with Jennifer Lopez, "Hold

You Down," will appear on J. Lo's Rebirth album in addition to

All or Nothing. As for the first single off the new LP, expect another

"Lean Back"-esque record called "So Much More," Joe said.

Renowned MCs Beastie Boys

have supplied the lead in-game track for the Electronic Arts video game NBA

Street V3 with a song titled "An Open Letter To NYC." The Boys also

appear in the game itself as unlockable characters. "Beastie Boys are among

the most influential artists of all time," Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive

of Music at EA, said in a statement. "Their participation in NBA Street

V3 represents an unprecedented new coming-together of hip-hop, basketball and

videogame culture." By beating the Beastie Boys in NYC's Dyckman Park in

NBA Street, "Street Challenge" mode, game players can unlock the Boys

for use in all game play modes. Mike D, MCA and Adrock boast their own expertise

and sport New York Knicks get-ups. The NBA Street V3 game soundtrack features

13 hip-hop and rap songs from Elephant Man, Guerilla Black, De La Soul, House

of Pain and MC Lyte among others.

Jacki-O is preparing a U.S.

and European promotional tour to kick off in February. The Miami rapper has

apparently adopted some new international fans from countries like France and

Holland, according to her TVT Records label, and is excited the album has become

popular outside the U.S. Jacki-O recently released the Jazze Pha-helmed "Break

You Off," her third single off her debut album Poe Little Rich Girl.