AHH Stray News: Hammer, Russell Simmons, Lil' Kim, So Solid

M.C. Hammer has

put his lucrative music publishing and copyright assets up for sale. The rapper,

whose debut album Let’s Get It Started moved 3 million records,

hit even bigger with his 1990 sophomore album, Please Hammer Don’t

Hurt ‘Em which sold over 10 million copies and spawned his most well

known hit, “U Can’t Touch This.” Hammer went on to release

clothing, dolls, lunchboxes and his own Saturday morning cartoon. He filed for

bankruptcy in 1996, after squandering over $20 million dollars. Wixen Music

Publishing, based out of California, is the court-appointed administrator for

five of Hammer’s publishing companies.

Russell Simmons

endorsed New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a Bronx, New York rally

yesterday (Oct. 30). The endorsement came at a rally held inside Co-op City

auditorium, where Simmons commended the Mayor’s track record on homelessness

and poverty. The endorsement marks the first time Simmons has backed a Republican

candidate. Both Simmons and Bloomberg squared off in 2004 over the Rockefeller

Drug Laws. “Over the last four years he's been on the steps of City Hall

politely screaming...," Bloomberg said. "I always shake my head as

I walk by but we always stop and chit-chat."

According to the

New York Post, Lil’ Kim is not wasting her time behind bars, where she

is serving 366 days for lying to a grand jury about a 2001 broad daylight shoot-out

in front of New York’s Hot 97. Inmates in the Philadelphia prison where

she is incarcerated say the female rapper is working furiously on new lyrics.

"She's writing a lot of music in there," Maricela Cuvlye told The

Post. "She spends lots of time in her cell by herself, just to write."

Cuvlye was released last week after serving six years in the prison.

So Solid Crew’s

producer Carl Morgan has been sentenced to life in prison for murder. According

to authorities, Morgan was involved in a confrontation with a man over an ex-girlfriend.

The victim, Colin Scarlett, was shot three times in the chest, neck and hand.

Police accuse So Solid’s lead rapper Megaman of encourage Morgan to shoot

Scarlett. Megaman, who is also accused of murder, faces another trial March

20, after a jury failed to agree on a verdict. “Gun crime is the scourge

of the streets and causes misery and distress. It will not be tolerated,”

the judge declared during the trial.