AHH Stray News: Hank Shocklee, Nikki Turner, Jay-Z, Mos Def

Bomb Squad member

Hank Shocklee has announced that he is authoring a book on the making of Public

Enemy’s landmark 1989 album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us

Back. Shocklee produced the album along for Def Jam along with fellow Bomb

Squad members Keith Shocklee, Bill Stephney, Carl Ryder and Eric Sadler. The book

will give readers an in-depth look at the production techniques, sound design

and production philosophy behind the album. The book is slated for a Spring 2006


Author Nikki Turner will

host a book launch party for her latest novel, “The Glamorous Life,”

her first novel published by Random House’s imprint One World Books. The

event will take place at the Downtown Club of Richmond, Virginia on May 6th.

Turner’s previous works include “A Hustler’s Wife,”

“A Project Chick” and “Girls From Da Hood.” “The

Glamorous Life” hit stores on April 26th and Turner will make appearances

in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, New York, California and Georgia in the coming

weeks to support the release.

Jay-Z’s S. Carter Academy and Reebok are seeking out interns for the summer

months. As part of the Jay's S. Carter Academy's curriculum, members receive

internships in the sports and music industry. The academy is seeking one intern

for the New Jersey Nets, a company that Jay-Z has invested in. One applicant

will be selected for the six-week internship for the Nets. Entrants will be

judged on an essay, academic and professional credentials. Applications are

being accepted now through May 15, 2005 at http://www.scarteracademy.com.

“The Hitchhikers

Guide to the Galaxy” which stars rapper Mos Def, landed at the top of

the box office this weekend, raking in more than $21.7 million, edging out “The

Interpreter,” which took in $14.2 million in it’s tenth day being

in theaters. Ice Cube’s “XXX: State of the Union” debuted

at #3, raking in $13.7 million over the weekend. Studio execs with Sony were

disappointed with the numbers "XXX" posted, stating: "Maybe people

just associated Vin Diesel more with that role than anybody thought."