AHH Stray News: Hip-Hop Wife Swap, Nelly, Coco, Flavor Flav

ABC's hit television series Wife Swap is looking for "Hip-Hop families" to star in the new season of the reality show. Wife Swap takes two families from different backgrounds and swaps the matriarch of each household. The families experience life with people they would normally have no contact with. Wife Swap is seeking families who live a Hip-Hop lifestyle (including career choice) and believe freedom of expression is important to their children. In order to qualify, families must consist of two parents with children between the ages of 5-18. According to reports, families that are selected will receive a $20,000 bonus for appearing on the show. For more information visit www.rdfusa.com.

Nelly and the St. Lunatics recently opened Macks Bar and Grill, their 3,500-square-foot sports bar/restaurant in Hazelwood, Missouri. Macks, which was supposed to open in April, launched on Thursday (Nov. 1). The opening of the sports bar was almost over shadowed by an Oct. 14 incident in which Macks co-owner Ali was allegedly brutalized by a Hazelwood police officer. The rapper was shocked almost 50 times with a 50,000 volt taser gun, as the police officer arrested him for a traffic violation. "I've got to get a restraining order," Ali said. "He said if he sees me anywhere around here, he's going to do something. He'll shoot me, he told me he'll shoot me." Macks Bar and Grill is owned by Murphy Lee, Ali, Cornell (Nelly), Kyjuan and Slodown and accomodates 150 people.

Ice-T's wife Coco is planning to release a new calender, "Coco's 2007 Exotics Calendar." The provocative calendar features the former swimsuit model in various photo spreads alongside her most prized possessions including her Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Murciélago, Ferrari 360 Modena, and Bentley Continental GT. As an added bonus, each customer that purchases the new calendar will also receive an exclusive DVD that showcases behind the scenes footage from the making of calendar. Coco, who is currently cross promoting her new project in conjunction with her husband's new album, Gangster Rap, is featured on Ice's latest album cover bare-naked, sprawled out on a bed. To order "Coco's 2007 Exotics Calendar" or for more information, log onto www.cocosworld.com.

Flavor Flav is expecting his seventh child his manager confirmed on Thursday (Nov. 2). Flavor, 47, is currently dating Flavor of Love season two winner London "Deelishis" Charles. The baby was conceived when Flav resumed an "on and off" relationship with the baby-to-be's mother, after his relationship with season one's winner Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander soured. According to Flavor's manager Clifton Johnson, Flavor and Deelishis are still a couple. "She understands that this is definitely something prior to her involvement on the show and her involvement with Flav, and she says she supports him regardless," Johnson told the Associated Press.