AHH Stray News: Ja Rule In Moscow, DEA Cracking Down On 'Sizzurp', Trick Trick

Rapper Ja Rule has taken his career international. The Queens, New York rapper is currently on a tour of Europe. Ja Rule is currently in Moscow, Russia, where he is touring. While there, Ja Rule shot a video for the David Guetta produced-track "I'm Here" by Russian star Maria. Ja Rule is currently working on a new album titled Rule York, through his own label, MPire Music Group. On the acting side, Ja Rule was in Garfield, New Jersey in October shooting a scene for the upcoming crime thriller, Goat.The DEA is cracking down on the popular illegal concoction known as Sizzurp or that "Purple Drank." According to an investigative report by KTLA, the Feds are concerned with the glamorization of the drink in Hip-Hop songs. Despite the death of artists like Pimp C., DJ Screw and Fat Pat, Sizzurp continues to be name checked in songs. The latest comes courtesy of Far East Movement, on their #1 single "Like a G6." "Anytime a substance that can be so dangerous is popularized through music or our culture, it becomes something that we need to be very worried about," Los Angeles DEA spokesperson Sarah Pullen said. Detroit rapper Trick Trick is among the local celebrities, media personalities and community leaders who will gather next week to record a Public Service Announcement aimed at improving the city's image. In addition to Trick Trick, Detroit's Mayor David Bing, baseball icon Willie Horton, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, radio icon Dick Purtan, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, local composer Jill Jack, Redwing coach Mike Babcock and others will appear in the "I'm a Believer" PSA's. On Monday (November 8th), the group will gather at WXYZ TV Channel 7 to shoot their part in the PSA, which aims to encourage residents of Southeastern Michigan to change their local communities. "Until now, there have been dozens of campaigns designed to make people feel proud that they're from Detroit, but none have succeeded in connecting all of them together in a compelling way," said Paige Curtis of The Curtis Group, whose team created radio, TV and outdoor advertising. "We might not have the money to do everything we need to do to change Southeast Michigan, but we do have the manpower. And if we all do something, we can do anything."