AHH Stray News: JD's Stripper, Gucci Mane, Chuck D

Jermaine Dupri is pulling out the big guns to promote his new album, Dupri Presents: Young, Fly & Flashy Vol. 1. According to reports, the mogul has enlisted girlfriend Janet Jackson to play a stripper in the video for “Gotta Getcha.” According to early indicators, the video is set in a peep show and JD is a voyeur looking at exotic dancers. One of them is Janet, who is clad in a plaid shirt. Apparently, her identity is somewhat masked, but still recognizable to the naked eye. Jermaine Dupri Presents: Young, Fly & Flashy Vol. 1 is slated to hit stores on July 19.

Chuck D has returned to Air America, the talk radio network. The Public Enemy front man’s new show, “On The Real,” debuts on May 29 and will feature actor/comedian Jamie Foxx. Chuck’s previous show, “Unfiltered,” was cancelled earlier this year. “On The Real” is co-hosted with Gia Garrell and will contain more music, humor and debate. “Chuck D and Gia’s show will provide listeners with the perfect mix of political activism and pop culture,” said Jon Sinton, Air America’s Co-COO/president of programming. In related news, Chuck and Public Enemy have a new album, Rebirth Of A Nation, slated to drop on August 9. The opus is produced by Bay-area rapper Paris.

While in jail on murder charges, rapper Gucci Mane has written a poem rhyme that addresses his legal case. The rapper charges that he was set up by a stripper and rivals in Georgia and he may have killed a man in self defense. Gucci, real name Radric Davis, was release on Tuesday on $100,000 bond. In the poem, titled “Round II,” he expresses remorse, expresses dreams and asks that fans pray for Young Jeezy, his lyrical adversary. Below is the poem in its entirety.

“Round II” Written in Isolation Cell in Dekalb County Jail

I know I have my mother’s luv

I know she’s prayin 4 me But all the things I took her thru I know its hard 2 luv me My older brother’s disappointed My little brother’s scared Been faced with trials my whole life Yet still I’m not prepared I always dreamed to be a rapper Just like Big Daddy Kane But all I got was jealousy Since I took my daddy’s name I once lost my sanity With prayer I got it back My Granddad had a heart attack And we can’t bring him back I love my girl with all my heart Though we both have made mistakes Besides God, no one’s perfect No one will ever take her place My homeboys truly miss me I cry because I miss em I know they all can feel my pain Them being victims of this system Now as I write this poem Tears are rushing down my cheeks I wanted to be a respected black man Like Big Cat and Frank Ski They say I’m not intelligent Because I have a speech impediment But all that is irrelevant Because my words are heaven sent They say that I’m a murderer But I do not believe it So pray tonight for Gucci Mane And even pray for Jeezy By Gucci Mane