AHH Stray News: Jim Jones Releasing Documentary

Dipset member Jim Jones has announced the released of a full length documentary chronicling his rise from the Harlem streets to the top of the Billboard charts.

The True Jim Jones Documentary recounts the rappers early Catholic School days growing up in Harlem, the birth of the Diplomats and his current lifestyle, in the recording studio and as an executive.

"He’s the only guy that’s been consistent with this attitude like mine, where it’s like by any means necessary, business, business, business, the more work you give him, the more he embraces it," said Damon Dash, who also serves as one of the film’s executive directors.

"A lot of times I find with artists and people, if I give them constructive criticism, their egos get in the way and when I push them to work they get mad. And I never understood that," Dash continued. "With this dude , he’ll take the criticism, apply it quickly, no ego and he works hard. He might even work harder than me."

The True Jim Jones Documentary, a Blowback/Dash/Sony/Splash production, is due in stores August 19th.

Jones also recently launched his Byrdgang Record imprint with Columbia Records.