AHH Stray News: Kanye Vs. Suge, Swizz' New Deal, DMX Talks Family

Kanye West has been granted to attend a mediation session with Marion "Suge" Knight via telephone, according to reports. Knight is seeking $1 million dollars from West, claiming the rapper is responsible for his injuries sustained during a 2005 party at the VMA's in Miami. Knight was among the partygoers at the event, which was hosted by Kanye West at the trendy Shore Club. An unknown gunman shot Knight in the leg. Additionally, the rapper claims someone stole a $135,000 diamond earring from him during the melee. Knight and West faced each other with lawyers present in New York this past June, but they failed to reach an agreement. "I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved," Knight said after a six-hour session. "I'm disappointed." A Miami judge has ruled that West can attend an upcoming August 26th session via telephone. Swizz Beatz has inked a deal with Everest Entertainment to release his new album scheduled to hit stores this Fall. The new untitled album will be distributed by Atlantic/Warner and will feature artists like Jay-Z, T.I.Drake, John Legend, Coldplay and others. "I couldn't ask to be in a better place right now," Swizz Beatz said in a press release. "Both Everest and the Atlantic/Warner team have been great and I'm looking forward to sharing this project with true fans of good music." According to Swizz, his new album is influenced by his global excursions and will push the creative envelope. "I traveled to different countries and collected sounds and am bringing it back to the culture," Swizz continued. "Nobody's really raising the bar. In music, there's things that artists are just getting by with. I feel like we need to bring something more tangible to the table so it's not a bubblegum factory where the fans are chewing up the latest flavor and spitting it out."Rapper DMX recently gave his first post-prison interview, where he confirmed his split with his wife Tashera, who is working on a reality show titled Tashera Simmons: Life After X…. The rapper revealed that his relationship with his son with Tashera has been damaged, due to his frequent incarcerations. But the rapper was confident his future held better days in store. "It's gonna get better. With this last one, I had been sitting for 90 days, since like January or February and this whole time, by the grace of God, I was given the opportunity to pick the time. I thought 'Let me knock it out' because I got a lot of work to do in L.A. and I don't want to get snagged, get it over with…All he's known [DMX's son] his whole life is me being there and now me and his mother are separated, we're not together anymore and it's been like five, six years but that's my first born. That's my baby," DMX told Super Snake of Phoenix's 101.5 Jamz.