AHH: Stray News: Kerry & Eminem, Bungalo Records, Bubba Sparxxx

John Kerry talked

about Eminem’s latest single, “Mosh,” in which he attacks

President Bush and labels the president a “coward.” “I heard

Eminem on "Saturday Night Live" last night,” Kerry told MTV.

“I heard the song that he did. I don't know if that's part of his new

[album] or not. I liked it. But that's the only thing that I've heard in the

last weeks. I'm on the trail. I'm campaigning every day.”

Further proof

of The Fugee’s mending their relationship has surfaced in the form of a

new remix of Wyclef’s remake of “La Bamba.” The two united for

the remix, which also features Beenie Man. The song is on Clef’s Welcome

to Haiti: Creole 101. Reports stated that the group will also enter the recording

studio, once Hill has finished recording her second solo album.

The CEO of Bungalo

Records has clarified statements regarding the Big Cizzle CD, Guerilla

Black’s first album. Critics of Guerilla Black complained of similarities

to The Notorious B.I.G. An obscure album that was reported to be unauthorized

by the rapper surfaced, with his vocals altered. “That project was [officially]

released several years ago,” Bungalo’s CEO Paul Ring told AllHipHop.com.

“Since that time the record was scrapped and has been out of the Universal

system for quite some time. Bungalo has no plans or rights to re-release that


Bubba Sparxxx,

Big Gipp from the Goodie Mobb and The Circle will headline The Dungeon Family

Tour 2004. The event takes place in November 12th at Qtopia in Los Angeles.

DJ Raphiki of Power 106, producer Fat Jack and others will also be present.