AHH Stray News: Kid Rock, DJ Pooh, Wyclef, 'Be Cool'

Kid Rock has been

removed from the inauguration festivities of United States President George W.

Bush, after public outcry over the rock/rapper’s lyrics. The concert is

being hosted on Tuesday (Jan. 18th) by Bush’s twin daughters Barbara and

Jenna. Organizations such as the Campaign for Children and Families and the American

Family Association spoke out against Kid Rock, resulting in him being pulled as

a performer.

DJ Pooh has joined 404

Games as a Senior Executive Writer. Pooh, who wrote such hits as “Friday,”

“The Wash” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” will

help create cutting edge MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games for 404 Gaming.

The signing aims to increase 404 Gaming’s status in the MMO gaming world.

Wyclef Jean was recently

in Haiti to launch a program to support education in the poorest country in

the western hemisphere. Clef performed his song “Gonaives” in a

soccer field in Cite Soleil, an impoverished city outside of the capital of

Port-au-Prince. Jean recently launched a new foundation, Yele Haiti. Almost

25 children have received grants from the rapper of $23,800 each. At least 100

more scholarships will be handed out as well.

TVT is set to release

the soundtrack for "Be Cool" this March. Christina Milian, stars in

the movie along with Outkast’s Andre 3000. The movie centers around Milian’s

character, who is stuck in a cheesy all-girl cover group called "Chicks

International" (a Destiny's Child wanna be group), performing covers ala

"Lady Marmalade" at the Viper Room. Milian also has a Mafioso type

manager (Vince Vaughn), a thug bodyguard played by wrestler turned actor (The

Rock) and record company executive (Harvey Keitel). The movie also stars Cedric

the Entertainer and Danny DeVito. Others on the sound track The Black Eyed Peas,

Baby Bash, James Brown, Planet Asia and Kurupt.