AHH Stray News: Kid Rock & T.I. Shoot Video, 50's New Book, J Cole & Abortion

(AllHipHop News) Detroit native Kid Rock shot the video for his song "Care" at Grand Circus Park in Detroit yesterday (Octobter 27th). Atlanta rapper T.I. was scheduled to arrive on set as well. In addition to his video shoot, Rock recently spoke with Reuters about a new "Care" tour this fall that will feature a host of small venues to help those in need. He also spoke with them about a promotion featuring Jim Beam bourbon, entitled "Devil's Cut." "I still love to do rap songs with rock guitars, I like country sounding southern rock stuff," Kid Rock told Reuters. "I love to make heavy rock, I love the blues stuff. Every day I feel different about music but what never changes is my love for it."

50 Cent is releasing a book on "Playground," inspired by his own experiences on the playground. Told from the perspective of a kid named "Butterball," 50 hopes the book will help mediate playground conflict amongst kids. "The scenarios in the book are written from the perspective of a child that is being a bully and not dealing with their emotions properly." While some critics of the book say that the language is too rough for teens and children, 50 Cent believes the book will help bullies understand what is motivating the need to bully other kids.

J Cole, who recently finished up the last portion of a North American tour, recently released his video for the the song "Lost Ones." The video covers the heavily debated political issue of pro-choice and pro-life political policies and is a video that is three years old. The BBGun directed video was saved for his debut project, which sold over 200,000 copies during the first week. Despite the success of his current project, J Cole recently told Hot 106’s "Rise & Grind" morning radio show that he has songs that didn't make The Sideline Story and that he will have an album coming out at the end of June.