AHH Stray News: KRS Vs. Oxford, Kanye Takes #1, Steve Harvey, Miri Ben-Ari

KRS-One was recently booted from a scheduled lecture at Oxford

University in the United Kingdom. In a recent interview with the California’s

North County Times, the pioneering rapper explained the situation. "Every

philosopher wants to lecture at Oxford," KRS-One said. "I got the

letter in the mail and I framed it. They had a big room for me and a fruit tray.

They'd sold 400 tickets, and the day of the lecture, the dean of the school

cancels the lecture. He said that they weren't prepared for the kind of audience

I was going to bring in.” KRS said the audience went to the Christ Church

of Oxford where he delivered his lecture to about 80 students. A representative

for Oxford University confirmed an event with the rapper was canceled, but denied

it was to be held at Oxford University. “He was never due to speak here

at Oxford University,” a spokesman for Oxford University told AllHipHop.com.

Kanye West’s

sophomore album Late Registration topped the Billboard’s pop

chart yesterday (September 7). The album took the #1 spot on the Top 200 Albums

chart, on sales of over 860,000 copies in the first week. The album is the second

best selling album of the year, second only to 50 Cent’s album The

Massacre, which moved over 1 million copies when it hit the stores in March.

Sales spiked for West’s debut The College Dropout, which has

moved almost 3 million copies. Tony Yayo’s debut Thoughts of a Predicate

Felon debuted at #2, moving over 200,000 copies.

Steve Harvey has inked a

joint syndication deal with Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio and Inner City

Radio. Clear Channel reps said “The Steve Harvey Show” morning program

will showcase the comedian’s talents, feature celebrity guests and have

compelling features. Harvey will be based out of WBLS in New York and the show

already has singed up radio stations in Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois,

Columbia, South Carolina and Jackson, Mississippi.

Miri Ben-Ari, the

“Hip-Hop Violinist,” has been signed to Reebok's "I Am What

I Am" ad campaign. Ari joins the likes of Allen Iverson, Nelly, Jay-Z and

50 Cent for the campaign. "The partnering with Reebok is a natural fit

for me because I truly value artists who are not afraid to be different, and

stand out from the crowd." Ari said. Ari has created string arrangements

for Hip-Hop artists Kanye West and Twista and has worked with such artists as

Anthony Hamilton, Scarface, Patti Labelle, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

Miri Ben-Ari 's debut album Miri Ben-Ari The Hip-Hop Violinist drops

September 20.