AHH Stray News: Lil' Jon Gets Married, Outkast, Carmelo Anthony

Apparently there’s

a Queen of Crunk now. The self-proclaimed King of Crunk Lil' Jon reportedly

got married Saturday (Nov. 27) at the Wyndham El Conquistador Resort and Golden

Door Spa in Fajardo near San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to reports. Lil Jon,

sporting a white tuxedo, recited vows with his sweetheart under a white canopy

before about 80 guests. An evening reception and a party in the upper-level

ballrooms of the resort’s Grand Hotel followed the ceremony.

Outkast has finished filming their HBO movie "My Life in Idlewild,"

written and directed by the Atlanta duo’s music video director, Bryan

Barber. "It's like two stories going on [at] the same time," Big Boi

told MTV of the film/musical. "Dre's is like more a love story and mine

is kind of crazy, wild.” "My Life in Idlewild" features veteran

actors Ving Rhames, Paula Jai Parker, Terrence Howard and Malinda Williams among

others. Outkast is also working on two albums—the “My Life in Idlewild”

soundtrack and a much-anticipated album tentatively titled 10 the Hard Way,

expected in June 2005. Collaboration wise, the duo is seeking to bill Anita

Baker, Sade and British singer Kate Bush.

The upcoming sports film "Coach Carter," starring Samuel L. Jackson

and featuring R&B songstress Ashanti, hopes to attract hip-hop fans with

a soundtrack featuring some of hip-hop’s finest, including Fabolous, Chingy,

The Game and Kanye West. The first single off the album, due Jan. 11, is "Hope,"

a duet with Twista and Faith Evans, expected to appear on radio stations next

week. A video starring Alicia Keys and Jay-Z is also expected to debut shortly.

“Coach Carter,” opening Jan. 14 in theatres, is based on the true

story of Richmond, California. high school basketball coach Ken Carter, played

by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie. In 1999, Carter benched his undefeated team

due to poor academic performance.

Speaking of sports, Denver Nuggets baller Carmelo Anthony is heavily promoting

his newly released Jordan Carmelo 1.5 sneaker, which hit stores on Black Friday

(Nov 26), dubbed the busiest shopping day of the year. In conjunction with the

shoe endorsement, Anthony is said to be releasing the "Carmelo 1.5 Mixtape,"

hosted by DJ Mister Cee. Joints appearing on the mixtape include Terror Squad's

"Lean Back," Alchemist's "Hold You Down" and Noreaga’s

“Get Down."


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