AHH Stray News: Lil Wayne Surgery, LMFAO vs Mitt Romney, Masta Killah Live

Lil Wayne had a marathon surgery session this morning to fix his teeth prior to a year-long stint in jail, which is scheduled to start on March 2. The rapper was slated to be sentenced to jail on February 9 in New York, for attempted criminal possession of a weapon over a July 2008 incident. The sentence was delayed so Lil Wayne could have his platinum "grillz" removed. Additionally, he received eight root canals, had several tooth implants redone and had various real teeth repaired during the eight hour session.

A member of the group LMFAO was thrown off a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Monday (February 15), after an altercation with politician Mitt Romney. TMZ.com reports that Sky Blu attempted to lean his seat back while the plane was still on the tarmac. Romney allegedly became enraged and started yelling for him to put his seat back up. Sky Blu allegedly smacked the former presidential candidate’s hand off of him. Authorities then boarded the plan and removed the rapper off of the flight. According to reports, LMFAO videotaped the entire incident. Representatives for Romney denied Sky Blu’s claim and stated that he was the aggressor.

Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa will release a new digital-only album on March 30th titled Live On Stage. The 16-track album is Masta Killah’s first recorded concert album and features the rapper’s standout verses he was written ver the past 17-years ranging from his 2004 solo album No Said Date to his verses on GZA’s Liquid Swords and Legend of the Liquid Sword albums. The full track listing is below:

1. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin (Accapella) 2. Armored Truck 3. Silverbacks (feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA) 4. Duel Of The Iron Mic (feat. GZA) 5. School 6. Grab The Mic 7. No Said Date 8. In The Hood 9. Love Spell (feat. Startel) 10. D.T.D. 11. Street Education (feat. Streetlife) 12. Whatever (feat. Streetlife & Prodigal Sunn) 13. Digiwarfare 14. Fam Members Only (feat. GZA) 15. Guillotine (Swordz) (feat. GZA) 16. Triumph (feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA)