AHH Stray News: Luke Sued, Bow Wow, Eminem, Opio

A Georgia man is suing

Luther Campbell and Luke Records for allegedly featuring the man with two women

in “Uncle Luke’s Freakshow,” Volume III. Keith Torrance filed

the lawsuit in Marion County Court, claiming that two female employee’s

of Luke held him against his will and enticed him into stripping in front of a

crowd while the camera’s were rolling. Torrance is suing for invasion of

privacy, emotional distress and battery.

Rapper Bow Wow will headline the Scream IV Tour with Omarion

and Marques Houston. While the bill hasn’t been finalized, the 18-year-old

rapper said the tour will kick off in July and compared the tour’s theatrics

to a professional wrestling show.

Rapper’s Eminem and Paradime were big Hip-Hop winners

at this year’s Detroit Music Awards, which took place Wednesday night

at the State Theater in downtown Detroit. Eminem won this year’s award

for Outstanding National Major Label Album for his latest album Encore, while

Paradime took home the Outstanding MC of the Year award. The winners of the

DMA’s are selected each year by the members of the Detroit music industry

each year.

Bay Area veteran

and Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphic member Opio has decided to branch out and

has recorded his solo LP “Triangulation Station.” According to Opio,

“Station” is a blend of sounds that is influenced by his musical

upbringing. “My father was a musician,” Opio revealed. “I

was always exposed to all different music; Classical, a lot of jazz…Reggae,

rock…Hip-Hop was just the combination of all that to me.” In addition

to the new LP, Opio has been busy looking after the independent label the Hieroglyphics

crew formed in ’97 called Hiero Imperium.