AHH Stray News: Man Admits Stealing From DMX Fund, Outkast Sued, Gay Hip-Hop Fest, Iceberg Slim

The former director

of a New Jersey SPCA admitted in court yesterday that he stole more than $6,000

from a fund created by DMX. Robert Nesoff admitted that he wrote checks against

the fund for his personal use. The $15,000 fund was originally created as a

condition for DMX’s parole for animal cruelty, after officials found over

12 pitbulls in deplorable conditions at his Teaneck, New Jersey residence in

1999. Nesoff must serve probation and pay restitution to the fund.

A man has hit Outkast

with a lawsuit, claiming he owns copyrights to songs on their multi-platinum

smash album, Speakerboxx/Love Below. Algenard Herring, also known as King Stephen,

filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Federal Court. Herring seeks an undisclosed

amount. Representatives for Outkast were not available for comment on the lawsuit

as of press time.

Europe’s first gay Hip-Hop festival has been planned for

this summer. PeaceOUT UK is being organized by gayhiphop.com and others and

aims to tap the market that attends gay clubs hosting hip-hop nights in the

UK. PeaceOUT UK will kick off on August 4 in various Brighton and London clubs

and will feature upcoming acts from the gay Hip-Hop community. The festival

also aims to encourage more diversity within the gay and lesbian communities.

Artists include Mz Fontaine, Wayne Latham, QBoy, Off The Hook and others. The

festival has already taken place in California and New York. For more information,

visit www.peaceoutuk.com

The works of Robert “Iceberg Slim” Beck are the

subject of a lawsuit, as daughters of the influential artist have sued Holloway

House Publishing. Beck’s daughters allege the publishing company duped

them out of royalties derived from books written by their father. Holloway has

published such titles by Slim as Death Wish, Long White Con, Mma Black Widow,

Pimp, Trick Baby and others. Beck’s works have had an enormous impact

on Hip-Hop, influencing such rappers as Nas, Ice-T, Kool G. Rap and countless