AHH Stray News: Master P., Murphy Lee, Rodney King

Master P.’s

New No Limit will present a new DVD movie with Koch Vision titled “Decisions.”

The movie was written and directed by Master P. and he stars in the flick along

side his son, Lil Romeo. The movie is a traditional "who done it." THE

DVD will also feature the music videos "Why They Wanna Wish Death,"

"Act a Fool" and "Them Jeans" /"Who Wants Some."

Decisions hits stores October 5, 2004.

Grammy Award winning

rapper Murphy Lee has enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University, with

the aim of furthering his education. The platinum selling rapper is taking nine

credit hours during the fall semester as he pursues a business degree. Lee is

also working on the follow up to his debut album, Murpyhy’s Law.

Rodney King has

revealed more details about his upcoming album. King, 39, said that his new

song is titled “Beat Down.” King is known for being viciously assaulted

by several Los Angeles Police Department officers who were acquitted of all

charges. The acquittals led to the Los Angeles Riots in 1992, which caused over

$1 billion dollars in property damages in Los Angeles and left 55 people dead.

A BBC sports commentator

told the London Schools and Black Child conference that “Gangsta”

rap was a deadly virus that was a threat to black Britons. Garth Crooks, one

of the BBC’s most popular black personalities on television. Crooks urged

young black men to steer clear of music that promotes gun use, drug use and

drug dealing. "As for the youngsters in our community who think they are

gangsters, grow up,” Crooks said. “You are pathetic. You are not

gangsters or clever. You are kids and it's time to impose zero tolerance."