AHH Stray News: Mixmaster Spade Update, Nas & Kelis, P.Diddy

Hip-hop newlyweds Nas and Kelis are reportedly planning their

humble abode in New York City. The happy couple is said to be considering purchasing

a $1.3 million 1,663-square-foot condo in Chelsea, Manhattan, according to the

Financial Observer. The loft-like condo reportedly includes a large master bedroom,

an open gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, and marble baths. Nas and Kelis got

married in a small Atlanta ceremony in January of this year. The details of

the wedding were later disclosed on the television special, "In Style Celebrity


Contrary to reports, Mixmaster Spade has not died, but the West

Coast pioneer is in grave condition. Sources said that the rapper was briefly

declared dead after he was taken off life support, but began breathing without

the aid of the equipment. After he began breathing again, the doctors sent him

to another hospital for more help. Unfortunatly, Spade reportedly suffered another

cardiac arrest en route to the second hospital. Again, he was close to dying,

but they put him back on the life support. Spade may be brain dead, but reports

are not clear at press time. Spade's tragic condition is the result of a motorcycle

crash that occurred about two weeks ago. He was a pioneer for Hip-Hop and was

a major player in the West throughout the 80's. "Mixmaster Spade represents

West Coast rap at it's finest. I mean, before Eazy, [Ice] Cube, a lot of people

on the West knew Spade," said Adisa "The Bishop" Banjoko, a journalist

from California. "He was one of the first cats to introduce the grit of

slangin' crack and jackin'. It was almost, like blues." Spade perfected

a sing-song style of rhyming and worked with luminaries like DJ Pooh, Snoop

Dogg, King Tee, Tha Liks and Toddy Tee. As the West Coast rap scene mourns,

fundraisers are reportedly being set up.

As P.Diddy begins another round of "Making the Band"

with MTV, noticeably absent this season are Bad Boy executives Phil Robinson

and Tracy Waples. The former Bad Boy staffers have both bolted to Def Jam. Robinson,

the one-time manager of Da Band, has landed a position with Island Def Jam president

L.A. Reid, and Waples has joined Jay-Z's staff as a senior vice president. Also

leaving the Bad Boy Camp is Jameel Spencer, the president of Blue Flame Marketing,

Diddy's ad agency. Spencer has left to join Dame Dash's Roc Brands as chief

brand strategist.