AHH Stray News: Queen Latifah, Snoop Dogg, Terrestrial Vs. Satellite Radio

Grammy Award-winning actress/singer/rapper Queen Latifah has

been selected to host the upcoming 47th Annual Grammy Awards, which airs on

CBS Feb. 13 at 8pm ET. Latifah is also a nominee for Best Jazz Vocal Album and

will perform on the prominent music awards show, broadcasted live from the Staples

Center in Los Angeles. Latifah, a staple in the hip-hop community, came on the

scene with her 1989 debut All Hail The Queen, which set the stage for future

female emcees to roc the mic. On her first vocal album, The Dana Owens Album,

Latifah showcases her singing abilities as well, with a variety of blues, soul,

and pop classics from 1920 to 1970. Latifah received an Oscar nomination for

Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film adaptation of the Broadway

play, "Chicago." She also racked up nominations from the Golden Globe

Awards and SAG Awards this past year.

West Coast emcee Snoop Dogg has ventured with Pony International

to create Doggy Biscuitz shoe line. The Long Beach, California native oversees

and approves all designs and final product. Snoop also supplied the name The

Doggy Biscuitz, which originates from the term he uses for "shoes."

"Pony is committed to matching Snoop's high standards in everything we

do under this incredible partnership," said Killick Datta, Chief Executive

Officer of Pony, International in a statement."It is clear by his exclusive

commitment to us that he has confidence in our ability to do so." The Doggy

Biscuitz line contains an assortment of footwear, including The Snoopadoopa

for everyday use, Snoopafly, an athletic line, Snoopalicious, casual shoes,

and Snoopaslide, a bandana print slipper. A limited 5000 pairs of the all black

canvas signature Snoopadoopa shoes were released in December 2004.

In an effort to combat the increasing frenzy of listeners turning

to satellite radio and various other radio outlets, terrestrial radio has initiated

a national campaign to remind and encourage listeners to support the original

radio. Hip-hop artists Nelly, Ludacris, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, and John Legend

have all signed on to promote land radio in 30-second ad spots, thanking radio

for aiding their musical careers. "The radio industry decided it was time

to more aggressively promote the fact that free radio breaks thousands of new

artists a year," said NAB spokesperson Dennis Wharton. "There are

a lot of people that want to give testimonials about the influence of radio

in establishing their careers." Nearly every major radio group is participating

in the campaign, organized by the National Association of Broadcasters. Print

ads will appear in magazines like Spin, Vibe and Entertainment Weekly later

this year.

In the latest round of legal battles involving notorious civil

rights figure Rosa Parks and the Outkast song that bears her name, medical records

revealed that Parks, 91, has had dementia since at least 2002. Parks’

medical records revealed a doctor's note showing that Parks suffered from "progressive

dementia," also known as severe mental impairment. A judge ordered the

medical records to be released Monday (Jan. 10). Parks' relatives have declared

that she would not have continued with the case if she had understood the lawsuit,

filed by Parks' lawyers claiming that the OutKast song "Rosa Parks"

unlawfully used her name. The song however, was reportedly intended as a commentary

on the entertainment industry. Lawyers sued OutKast and their record company

BMG in 1999 on Parks' behalf, but a judge later dropped OutKast as a defendant.