AHH Stray News: Red Alert, DJ Yella, Will Smith, Hip-Hop Storms Colorado

The legendary Kool

DJ Red Alert suffered a broken leg in two places earlier this week, after he

slipped on a manhole cover in New York's snowy weather. The DJ was operated

on and will take about 8 weeks to fully recover. He is currently resting at

home. Fans can wish Red a speedy recovery by visiting his website, www.kooldjredalert.com.

Founding NWA member

DJ Yella is producing a news series of skin flicks. Yella, who has been producing

adult movies for years through his DJ Yella Entertainment company, recently

inked a deal with Nicky Starks' Darkside Entertainment. The first series will

be called "West Side Stories." Pre-orders for the series were labeled

"nothing short of phenomenal" by sales reps in the adult film distribution

business. Yella's follow up series will be titled "DJ Yella's Straight

Outta Compton," where the scenes were shot on location in Compton, California.

Will Smith has labeled his new album a "departure"

from his previous releases, as details of his latest album, Lost and Found emerge.

The album will be Smith's first since parting ways with Sony almost three years

ago. The album features Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris, Kanye

West and his partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff. In July, Smith said that he would be releasing

a single, "Switch" and that the song would spark a new dance craze.

"You know we got all of that," Smith told AllHipHop.com. "You

know I bring the heat, that's what I do. If it's starting to feel hot big Will

must be in the area."

Hip-Hop has stormed

into Colorado Springs, Colorado with the launch of Clear Channel's latest Hip-Hop

station, KIBT (96.1 FM). The station's debut shocked the local radio market,

as it claimed the #1 ratings spot, knocking Top 40 station KKMG Magic 98.9 FM out of the position it held for 8 years, playing rock, pop and hip-hop. "This is a format that

does not just appeal to Hispanics or African-Americans," Bob Richards,

Clear Channel's local operations manager told The Colorado Springs Gazette.

"This is a huge, across-the-board format." The Beat debuted with a

strong lead over every other station in the city as well. Corporate radio has

a new label for the hip-hop format becoming so well known across the country,

dubbing it "Rhythmic Top 40."