AHH Stray News: Sean John Lawsuit, Fat Joe, '25 To Life'

A female employee

of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Sean John clothing company filed a sexual

harassment lawsuit yesterday, claiming that her immediate supervisor made inappropriate

sexual jokes only a month after she hired as a full-time employee. According

to the female employee, her supervisor made various disparaging remarks in front

of other employee's and allegedly simulated an oral sex act in front of other

workers. Combs is not named in the lawsuit and a spokesperson for Combs brushed

the allegations off. "No allegations were made against Mr. Combs,"

Combs' rep told the New York Post. "This is a merit less case by an employee

who was at the company less than two months and where the EEOC [federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] declined to pursue her case."

Fat Joe, T.I, and

Juvenile will head to Chicago's Vic Theatre to headline MTV's popular $2 Bill

Concert series on May 26th. Fat Joe, along with T.I., Juvenile, Mike Jones,

Paul Wall, Webbie, Ja Rule and Jadakiss head to the windy city this month to

join the long list of performers who have appeared on the MTV $2 Bill special.

The concert is scheduled to be held at The Vic Theatre (3145 North Sheffield,

Chicago, IL) on Thursday, May 26th and will debut on air on MTV2 Sunday, June

19th at 8pm. Tickets for the concert go on sale Saturday, May 21st At 12pm at

the Vic Theatre Box Office.

Music Video Distributors

has announced the DVD release of the documentary "Hip Hop By Da Bay."

The DVD takes a look at some of the Bay area's upcoming artists and includes

live footage from Zion I, Attik, Jahi, Krushadelic, Ise Lyfe and Pro. The DVD

will come with a 28-page booklet that includes a history of the Bay area Hip-Hop

scene. The DVD is slated to hit stores July 12.

Eidos revealed

the soundtrack to their "urban inspired" game, "25 to Life."

The first half of the soundtrack is hip-hop heavy and features songs by Gangstarr,

Public Enemy, 2Pac, KRS-One, Xzibit, Geto Boys and others. The game is reminiscent

of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video game, but includes customization

features that allow players to add unique 'urban fashions' to their avatar or

get new weapons for the cops in the game.