AHH Stray News: Sean John Sued, Snoop Teams With Chrysler, Qualo Signs, Luke Records Sued

Sean “P. Diddy”

Combs has been hit with a lawsuit over the slogan for his Sean John clothing line.

Gregory Hilderbrand filed a lawsuit in Chicago Federal Court, claiming that the

brand’s slogan “It’s no just a label, it’s a lifestyle”

violates his registered trademark “It’s a lifestyle.” Hilderbrand

alleges that his own clothing line has been cast as knock off Sean John due to

the similarities of the slogans and is seeking an undisclosed amount.

Chicago rappers and former Breeding Ground alumni Qualo have

inked a deal with Universal Records. The four man collective features rappers

Optymist, Chicago Shawn, Preast and Shala Esquire. The group managed to move

a combined 100,000 units by producing and distributing their own albums, compilations

and mixtapes. “Folks took notice across the country when AllHipHop.com

featured us,” Shala Esquire told AllHipHop.com. “That’s when

the national buzz started.” Soon after the group was picked up Theodor

Sedlmayr and Paul Rosenberg, the legal and management team for 50 Cent and Eminem.

“We are about to speak. We ‘bout to bring that danger music back.

Do everything folks are scared to do.”

Snoop Dogg will appear in a new commercial touting Chrysler’s

ads for its employee pricing program. The promotion gives consumers Chrysler’s

employee discount on most 2005 model vehicles. The $75 million ad campaign start

tomorrow (August 6) and features Snoop with former Chrysler chairman and legendary

business man, Lee Iacocca. Snoop and Iacocca, 80, are featured golfing in the

commercials. Two other advertisements are part of the campaign. One features

a young girl playing Iacocca’s granddaughter, the other features actor

Jason Alexander. Since starting the program, Chrysler’s sales have jumped

32 percent.

Luther Campbell’s

Luke Records has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Aueishua Buckner

filed the lawsuit against the label in New Orleans Federal Court. She claims

that her photo was legitimately used for the “Boyz Toyz 2003” calendar

but her photo also ended up on the cover of one of the “Luke’s Freak

Show” DVD’s without her permission.