AHH Stray News: Soldiers Record 'Live From Iraq', Russell Simmons, BEP

A group of Fort Hood,

Texas soldiers banded together while deployed in Iraq and recorded a Hip-Hop album,

Live From Iraq. Known as 4th25, the 7 man group consists of army Sergeants

and Specialists. The group recorded the album in Baghdad with recording equipment

purchased from Philadelphia music store Sam Ash, the only store that would ship

the equipment the soldiers fighting in the war zone. The rappers have committed

themselves to bringing the soldiers version of the war with Iraq to the public.

“Every paycheck has gone to purchase some piece of equipment... or for duplication

of the finished product,” group member Big Neal said. “This album

is the blood of soldiers. All we have seen and done. The life of a soldier at

war. A first hand account of what it is to be what so many claim, but are not.

And, Live from Iraq is only the beginning.” The album is available for preview

at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/4th25.

Russell Simmons

is selling his 13-room New York penthouse for $11 million dollars. Simmons,

who featured the luxury spread on MTV’s popular show “Cribs”,

initially planned to sell the luxury spread Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

The deal never materialized due to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on

the World Trade Center. Simmons' penthouse suffered damage due to its proximity

to the towers, For interested buyers, the penthouse is over 7,000 square feet

and features four bedrooms, four baths, two kitchens and a dramatic curving


Will.i.am, a member of popular Hip-Hop collective The Black Eyed Peas, announced

that he is setting up shop in Sydney, Australia, with hopes of discovering local

talent. According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, will.i.am is planning

to stay in Sydney about six months out of the year, searching for emerging talent.

Last month group member Apl de Ap revealed that he is launching a record label

or management firm that will feature local talent from the Philippines.The group

is also planning a tour of Australia to support their latest album, Monkey