AHH Stray News: The Clipse, Scribble Jam, Hammer

AllHipHop Staff

Norfolk, Virginia based group The Clipse has officially announced the release date for their highly anticipated album Til The Casket Drops. The group’s third major label release will hit stores October 20 via a new partnership with Columbia Records. The album features production by the group’s longtime collaborators, The Neptunes. Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams is featured on the album’s first official single, “I’m Good.” In related news, The Clipse will hit the road with The Cool Kids this summer in support of Til The Casket Drops.

Organizers of the annual Scribble Jam festival announced that this year’s event would be canceled due to the economy. According to Scribble Jam co-founder Nick Accurso, the annual festival, which is held at Annie’s Entertainment Complex in Cincinnati, Ohio, costs about $100,000 to produce. Accurso stated that they simply could not find enough sponsors to cover the costs of this year’s 13th Scribble Jam. Major sponsors of the event included automobile sponsors, a category that has been hit particularly hard during the recession.

The state of California has placed three tax liens on rapper/reality star show/preacher MC Hammer. Hammer, born Stanley Burrell and his wife reportedly owe over $600,000 in back taxes to the state. In May, a tax lien was filed against Hammer and his wife Stephanie for $32,926, while another one was filed in June in the amount of $12,464. Just last month a third lien was placed against the couple in the amount of $625,792. Hammer is currently starring in his own reality show Hammertime on A&E. Hammer is not alone. Other notables that owe the struggling state of California include Snoop Dogg, Burt Reynolds, Dionne Warwick, Janice Dickerson, comedian Sinbad and a man by the name of Winson Lee, who owes the state a whopping $10 million dollars.