AHH Stray News: Trick Daddy, Kurtis Blow, Hip-Hop Mozart

Trick Daddy will release

the DVD, The Real Entourage, on Oct. 31, the same day as his new album,

Book of Thugs II. The DVD, which will be issued via 845 Entertainment,

shows the Miami rapper in his day-to-day dealings. In addition to candid interviews

with Trick Daddy and his father about a number of topics, including his mother's

promiscuity, the disc also features four Trick Daddy videos. In related news,

the rapper was charged with disorderly conduct yesterday (Oct. 12) due to an incident

in a Miami mall in July. According to reports, he allegedly became involved in

a scuffle and repeatedly struck another man in the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami.

Trick Daddy was in New York doing press for Book of Thugs II when he was

charged. Hip-Hop

pioneer Kurtis Blow continues his foray into the world of gospel with the debut

of hiphopministry.com,

an on line music hub for Kurtis Blow Ministries that will allow aspiring religious

rappers to submit music for future album releases. Blow also announced that Canton

Jones and Hip Hop Pioneer Christopher "Play" Martin have been confirmed

as associate producers of an upcoming spring 2007 CD that will be distributed

worldwide by EMI Gospel. "First, I want to thank everyone, and all media,

from around the world who have emailed and called me, expressing your support

and prayers since receiving the news a short time ago that I would be actively

releasing Music Ministry recordings in the marketplace advancing the gospel, beginning

in 2007 as a part of a strategic alliance with Holy Hip-Hop Music and EMI Gospel,"

said Pastor Kurtis Blow. "Interestingly, it is often said that history has

a strange way of repeating itself and as Hip-Hop music comes full-circle, all

should know that I am fully-committed to spread the Word and to serve this worthy

cause, as an ambassador, to usher in the dawn of a new day, winning back the lost

one-at-a-time and breaking down barriers, all for Him and His Glory, this is my

prayer and faithful pledge." Children's

label Hip Kiddy is planning to test the "Mozart Effect" by releasing

Hip-Hop Mozart, a DVD of children performing Mozart compositions mixed with "gentle

fresh" Hip-Hop beats, aimed at babies and children. According to the Mozart

Effect theory, children's intelligence can be affected by the music they hear

at a very young age. Founded by Susan Langone, Hip Kiddy released its first album,

Kids Rap N the Hits:Volume One, in 2003. The disc sold over 30,000 copies

through retailers like Wal-Mart and K-Mart. “Hip-Hop Mozart is music that

both my children and I actually enjoy, even after hearing it for the thousandth

time!” Langone said. The music DVD contains special features such as a sing-a-long

section, an arts and crafts portion and a bonus soundtrack CD with 60 minutes

of educational entertainment. Hip-Hop Mozart is due in stores in December.