AHH Stray News: Tuf America Vs. The Roc, Kim's Twins Arrested, Lil' Kim & Big Brother, Che

Tuf America has

filed a lawsuit against Roc-A-Fella Records, claiming the label illegally used

a sample of Trouble Funk's 1982 song "Let's Get Small." The lawsuit,

which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court, claims the group incorporated a portion

of the often sampled record "Let's Get Small" on the song "Criminal

Background," taken from State Property's 2003 album The Chain Gang Vol.

2. Tuf America is part of the Tuff City Music Group, which was a seminal Hip-Hop

label founded by Aaron Fuchs. Tuff City later expanded and transformed into a

reissue label that has released hundreds of rare blues, jazz, funk, soul and Hip-Hop

obscurities. Tuf America seeks an undisclosed amount in damages.The

twin sister of Eminem's ex-wife Kimberly Mathers is in police custody after Kim

filed a kidnapping complaint with Detorit police. According to reports, Kim Mathers

is the legal guardian of her sister's 7-year-old son. Police spotted Mathers' sisters' Lincoln Navigator at a local gas station and attempted to approach the vehicle, but Mathers' twin sister fled. She was caught by another officer a short time later and is being held in Macomb County on probation violation


Kim is negotiating her return to reality television on the UK's Channel 4 hit

show, Celebrity Big Brother. According to the UK's Sun, producers

offered Lil' Kim £255,000 ($498,640) to appear on the show, but the diva

refused, demanding over £400,000 ($782,180) to star in the hit series, which

has featured such celebrities as Dennis Rodman, Tracy Bingham, Brigitte Nielsen

and others. Celebrity Big Brother stars various celebrities living in the

"Big Brother House," attempting to avoid being evicted by a voting public,

with the goal of winning a cash prize to be donated to the winner's charity. According

to The Sun, Lil' Kim is also demanding: final approval of all her footage,

a personal assistant in the house, her own make-up and hairstylists, first class

travel for two from the United States and two first hotel accomadations. Additionally,

Lil' Kim allegedly requested a two week, all expense vacation in London at the

end of the show. Celebrity Big Brother, which starts next Wednesday, currently

features football player Jason Cundy and his actress wife Lizzie. Also being considered

for the show are Jermaine Jackson, Paul Michael Glaser and others.Target

Corporation recently pulled a CD case that featured a photograph of Latin American

revolutionary, Che Guevara. Customers complained about the cover of the CD, which

was on Target-branded items being sold in the store. Guevara's image has become

a popular fashion statement and his familiar image is seen on T-shirts and posters.

While some hold Guevara in high regards for his role in the Cuban revolution,

others criticize Guevara for his violent tactics. "What next? Hitler backpacks?

Pol Pot cookware? Pinochet pantyhose? Target gives this monster a pass, while

using common sense on almost everything else it sells," Investors Business

Daily wrote in an editorial on Dec. 13. Target issued an apology for the Guevara/Target-branded

items. "It is never our intent to offend any of our guests through the merchandise

we carry...We have made the decision to remove this item from our shelves and

we sincerely apologize for any discomfort this situation may have caused our guests."