AHH Stray News: Will Smith's New Film Company, LL Cool J, Gloria Velez, Snoop Dogg

Will Smith is leading

a group of investors to form The Momentum Experience, a new company that will

distribute films and movies straight-to-DVD. Smith, along with Tisha Campbell,

Duane Martin, Blair Underwood and producers D'Angela Steed and Nia Hil formed

the company out of a desire to control images of African-Americans in film. The

company will distribute the films in non-traditional venues, such as playhouses

and concert theaters. The company plans on showcasing live artists and comedians

before each film as well.

LL Cool J has inked a multi-picture deal with Lions Gate Films

to produce movies aimed at luring women into the movie theaters. Three other

pictures are being developed for the rapper, who labeled the deal “the

perfect transition.” Under the deal, LL will also get production credit

for each of the films, which have a budget of $10 million per movie. The first

project under the deal is a “Fatal Attraction” type of movie starring

LL as an everyday Joe who lands in hot water after having an affair.

A Bronx man that

ran cocaine up and down the East Coast of the United States pled guilty yesterday

(July 15) in New York Supreme Court. Charles Gant pled guilty to distributing

over $50 million worth of cocaine per-year to mid-level dealers. Gant was busted

after an 18-month investigation culminated in a raid of rapper/model Gloria

Velez’ tour bus, in which 94 kilos of cocaine was seized. Gant and company

allegedly used a secret compartment in the bus to smuggle the drugs. Raids in

different locations turned up $800,000 in cash, various handguns and several

luxury vehicles. At least 5 other members of the ring have also pleaded guilty.

Velez was not charged in the case.

Snoop Dogg is supporting the U.S. Military and has signed on to perform at the

“Bodog Salutes the Troops” charity concert in Hawaii. The concert

is being held to thank members of the military and to raise money for the non-profit

Fisher House Foundation. Television personality Carson Daly is hosting the event,

while comedians Wanda Sykes, Paul Rodriguez and Colin Quinn will round out the

bill. The event kicks off next week (July 21) and tickets are limited to members

of the military.