AHH Stray News: Young Jeezy, Ice Cube, The Delfonics, P. Diddy

Def Jam is preparing

a new version of Young Jeezy’s solo album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation

101, after portions of the rapper’s album was bootlegged. Jeezy went

back into the studio and recorded four new songs, after an unmixed and unmastered

version of Let’s Get it was stolen from an Atlanta studio. One

of the four new songs features a verse from Def Jam President, Jay-Z. A deluxe

edition of Let’s Get It will be available as well that comes with

a DVD featuring live performances and interviews. Let’s Get It: Thug

Motivation 101 hits stores July 26.

A new comedy is

being developed for Ice Cube, titled “Teacher of the Year.” Cube’s

company, Cubevision, has signed on as producer for the new comedy flick. According

to Variety, New Line wants to make Cube the star in the movie, which centers

around two junior high teachers who are in competition for Teacher of the Year


The Delfonics,

one of the groups that Hip-Hop music has often borrowed from to create new hits,

is taking Arista Records, Sony BMG and Clive Davis to court in a lawsuit that

claims they have been defrauded of royalties for over 30 years. Wilbert Hart

and Herbert Randall Cain III filed a RICO lawsuit claiming Davis, Arista and

BMG failed to pay royalties due under a 1976 contract with Arista, which Davis

formed in 1974. The group’s music has been reinterpreted by such Hip-Hop

artists as Nas & Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Ghostface and many others. The

group is seeking an undisclosed amount of punitive damages.

Sean “P.

Diddy” Combs hired famed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh to shoot

Penelope Cruz for the upcoming advertising campaign to launch the Sean John

Women’s Collection. The campaign will feature the Cruz and Diddy as they

travel through Manhattan, attempting to ditch paparazzi on the way. In related

news, it is reported that Diddy will not be performing at the United States

Live 8 concert in Philadelphia, but the mogul will be present during the historic

concert. Five new acts, including the Black Eyed Peas, will perform as well.