AIDS in Black America: I’m Liftin’ Your Skirts

AIDS in Black America: I’m Liftin’ Your Skirts

In a move that may shock America, ABC News aired a primetime special report on the epidemic of AIDS within the African-American community. "Out of Control: AIDS in Black America" primarily focused on the fact that African-Americans constitute roughly 50% of AIDS cases; more to the point, out of all women infected with the disease, reports exist that show 68% consist of Black women. While such staggering numbers should all too familiar for us, they seem to be conveniently skirted by the very people whom are supposed to address and represent the issues affecting society.

Aside from raising awareness, this program boldly exposed a dirty and problematic secret: even those at the highest sociopolitical level remain conveniently ignorant and distanced from the ravaging effects of AIDS. This was most evident in the vice presidential debate between Dick Cheney and John Edwards where both illustrated oversights of obliviousness to the plight of HIV positive Black women in America. 

If you missed this program which aired on Thursday, August 24, 2006, you missed an extremely poignant and sobering piece. A piece which has afforded a second chance to readdress the ideologies behind the ignorance of our government which publicly disrespected and disturbed the existence of AIDS among African-Americans on the night of October 5, 2004:

In America, “Black women between the ages of 25 and 44 are 13 times more likely to die of AIDS than their [white] counterparts”

-- Gwen Ifill

"I have not heard those numbers with respect to African- American women.

I was not aware that it was -- that they're an epidemic" 

-- Vice President Cheney

"On the Outskirts of Ignorance"a.k.a.

"I’m Liftin’ Your Skirts"

So the Vice President

of these United States

Didn't know that this AIDS disease

is heightened in my race?

Our women have the highest stake –

and he didn't know that statistic?!!

Though African-Americans are

70% of all female cases,

This @ss’ awareness failed to place this…

This data is famous –

even rock hermits know the specifics!

Where was AIDS back in the day

When Black slaves got tragically raped?

That would’ve been hapless fate

for his great-great-grandfathers.

If HIV had been created by mankind then,

Cheney’s stakes would be mad high then…

As a cure could ratify the sin

of date-raping our land's daughters.

But since he turned and copped

a blind eye and spit in mine,

I'm liftin’ skirted topics sky high

with Dick in mind.

It's not just his justice that's blind –

social bifocals need to be added

to the Senate, too.

They've ridden for so long

in tinted Cadillacs

That they've developed

intense cataracts…

That's why this written battle ax extracts

with no local anesthetics used.

Just imagine the impact

of this epidemic

If it'd been in the past when

slave masters sexed our kindred.

Their best would’ve been

infected and blacklisted –

Jefferson would've been a

definite denizen of an AIDS clinic.

It’s interwoven in his lineage,

I’m not outing Thomas –

It was his stolen privilege to prick

his black roses' flowering content…

While Big Momma’s momma couldn’t

even inherit his lousy monik’ –

just the shame of being a temptress.

But just envision it – such justice

would've been splendid.

For every 10 Black women that died –

7 white lives would've also ended.

If you're offended or defensive, good –

I intended to piss you off.

My eulogizing something

so mortally fatal

Is how Edwards and Cheney utilized it

as a sordid debate angle…

They both evaded it with the same bull –

forget politics, John and Dick,

I must insist that you both screw off.

Neither wanted to address

the dire straits

Of Black women infected

in the United States.

That fight was fake –

democracy's a hypocrisy.

If I took the time, I could use

logic to catalog it,

But that'd only prove

to be catastrophic…

I'd be glad if Bush lost the office –

but there will always be a

philosophy of forgotten needs.

That's why I'll always write hostilely

As long as poor folks struggle

with the cost of hospital fees.

I believe in that like the Apostle's Creed –

forget a presidential oath!

I felt so dissed and neglected

When this d*ck, Cheney missed

and blatantly disrespected

The fate of my women

with AIDS so reckless –

with numbers rising since

the 90's in exponential growth.

As johns and d**ks, they'd

better pay attention

The second that AIDS is mentioned.

Cheney’s daughter is gay,

he may want to listen –

she may date interracially, too.

Why does it have to touch home first

Before these folks attest

to a subject's whole worth?…

How can they corrupt the whole earth

yet have the nerve to turn away

as they rape our seeds, too?

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© 2006 Reggie Legend

Steel Waters, Inc.