Airport Workers Fired Even Though They Claim Meek Mill and His Crew Threw The First Punch


Things could get tricky for rapper Meek Mill, who’s accused of getting into an altercation with an airport worker in St. Louis yesterday. The altercation took place on March 15th, after Meek got into a fight at St. Louis Lambert airport worker who was trying to snap a picture with the famous rap st

By Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) When Meek resisted the airline worker’s offer, words were exchanged and it eventually led to a full-on brawl in the middle of the airport.

The guy who was involved in the fight told that he was simply protecting himself from Meek and his crew’s aggressive behavior.

According to Justin Card, he was proposing to take a picture when things went wrong.

“I work at the airport. I transport people in the airport. I see a lot of rappers and I saw them love. I was like, ‘What’s up Meek. Can I get a pic.’ He was like, ‘nah.’ Then I just tell my opinion about rappers like, ‘Why you all do us like this? We the fans. Why you all don’t show us love? You too good to speak?’ I guess some dude in his group got mad like ‘you a b##ch.’”

“These two dudes walked up on me and was like you still trying to fight me. I was scared. I’m at work so I’m just defending myself,” Justin Card claimed. ”I know he’s fixing to punch me so I swung first. You know? He was going to punch me. You could tell he was going to punch me.

“They threw the first punch and after that, it was just like self-defense. You probably can’t even see it but my face swelled,” Justin Card said.

His cousin De’Angelo Webb got entangled in the fracas, and cops were ultimately called in to break up the fight.

“My knuckle swelled. They scratched me… I got scratches on my knuckles…my lip was busted…I cleaned it up now but my lip was really busted and swelled. It went down a little bit,” Webb said.

Meek Mill was charged with misdemeanor assault, and so was Justin Card and his cousin De’Angelo Webb.

Both of the airport workers also lost their jobs.

“They took our badges and everything. We ain’t, I think we out of a job all the way,” De’Angelo Webb said.

Meek Mill could be facing greater consequences since he is on probation for the next six years.

The disturbance could send him back to state prison in Philadelphia for as long as two years if a judge finds he’s violated his probation.