Akon Banned From Sri Lanka Over Video

Akon was been banned from Sri Lanka today (March 22) after protests erupted over a music video which was deemed offensive to Buddhists. The R&B singer was slated to appear in Sri Lanka on April 24th, but today, the country’s Director General of Information revealed Akon’s visa to enter the country has been denied. Akon’s was slated to perform at the SSC Stadium ground in Colombo, but the concert has been canceled after thousands of Buddhists protested the video for David Guetta’s “Sexy Chick” featuring Akon. The video features scantily clad women dancing around a sacred Buddisht statue. "The government has taken into consideration the sensibilities of the Buddhists who have been offended by one of his videos which showed scantily clad women dancing in front of a Buddha statue," Pelpita told AFP.Earlier today, over 200 people gathered outside the offices of Maharaja Broadcasting and threw stones at the office building which shattered windows, damaged four cars and injured four workers.