Akon Invests $50 Million To Help Mozambique With Solar Energy

AllHipHop Staff

Akon's company is making "power" moves again, this time in Mozambique, where he's in a new partnership with the country.

(AllHipHop News) Akon continues to make moves on the continent of Africa through his Akon Lighting Africa project.

According to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy in Mozambique, Akon has struck a deal with the country.

Akon is in partnership with a nonprofit called Machel Fidus to bring electricity to rural areas of the country, using solar power.

According to reports, Akon is injecting $50 million into the project with Machel Fidus, which is run by Mozambique's first President's son, Malenga Machel.

“Health, education and water supply systems need electricity if they are to function,“ said Leticia Klemens, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy.

“The lack of electricity brings a low level of development," she said.

Akon hopes this project will build the foundation for more development in rural areas of Africa.

His Akon Lighting Africa company is already operating in 11 countries in Africa.